Monday, July 22, 2013


I'm not sure when my children started to believe they were gangsta's or hoodlums, or whatever.

Mulligan just approached me with his hat on backwards, and said,
"Mom.  How ya like me now?".  He then folded his arms and threw his head back.

Am I not giving them enough attention?  I'm pinning all kinds of parenting articles on Pinterest, but it if these shenanigans keep up, I'm actually going to have to read them.  (Kind of like all those fitness/diet pins...if these pounds don't just melt away, I'm actually going to have to follow those plans, and *gasp* work out once in a while.)

If nothing else, at least he's wearing a BYU hat...I mean, really, he can't go too far astray, sporting the Cougars garb.