Monday, August 1, 2016

Great Summer

It's a known fact by now that I am a huge fan of my familly.  I mean, I grew up with the funniest, best, people surrounding me, and it just so happens that my children get to grow up with their children, which is a major bonus, because that pretty much means parenting just got easier.  My kids are now surrounded with funny, good, people.  They adore their aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Every summer when my oldest sister from Oklahoma (...where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain...), comes, we all get together and bask in our hilariousness.  Generations of humor combine to create of force of happiness.  It's much like what I imagine heaven to be like.

So, this summer visit did not disappoint.  In fact, we were able to celebrate a new generation of hilarity. I'm now a great aunt.  That's a big deal (in case you aren't already on your feet applauding).  I got to hold and snuggle and fill my new baby needs.  (Phew.  Now I don't feel like I need another one of my own.)  Don't think for a moment that it stops there.  No.  No.  Being a great aunt doesn't just happen once over here.  Come November, I'll be great again.  A little baby boy decked out in Nike--just my style--is on his way.  

You'll have to bear with me as I post a bunch of photos of aforementioned awesome family. Because really, I have to document another home imporvement project completed by the Bean family.  They now know how to install vinyl siding, they can lay sod like a boss, and hanging sheetrock is a breeze for them--they don't even need a ladder.  (We always seem to have some huge project going on and our family always comes to our rescue.)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Missions--Coming and Going

Last year on Thanksgiving, my oldest brother called me to give me some news.  By the sound of his voice as he was talking I thought he was going to tell me that he and his wife were going to have another baby.

I guessed wrong.

Instead, he told me that he had been called as a Mission President, and that he and his wife and their 4 children (their oldest is on a mission in Peru) were going to serve for a period of 3 years.  I was so excited to hear the news!

Then he found out which mission.  My stomach flopped a couple of times.

Curitiba Brazil.

For those not geographically sound, that's on a whole different continent.  It's not like I can just hop in a car and take a day or two and drive on over to see them.  Suddenly, three years seemed as long as eternity.

The months from November to July seemed to pass all too quickly.  For our "reunion" we met at his house and helped them with some last minute details to get their house ready for their new tenants.

My brother and his wife and their kids spoke in their sacrament meeting at church before they left.  What amazing examples of faith, sacrifice, and  courage.  There's no doubt they have been prepared for this calling.  They will do great things in Brazil.  

Ace and I are saving our money so that we can get there to visit them (I'm not a huge fan of traveling, but if they can give up 3 years of their comfort zone, I can venture out for a few days.) I'm sure it will be an adventure.

I love my siblings so much.

As they left for Brazil, my nephew came home from his two year mission in Oregon!  Oh, it was so exciting to see him walk through those doors at arrival gate at the airport!  Welcome Home JAX!

4th of July

Independence Day is probably my favorite holiday.  I love the hot summer sun, the barbecues, the buzz of excitement of waiting for the fireworks to replace the sun, lighting up the sky.  I love the patriotism that unites the crowds of people.  I love being with my family, and I love the freedoms we enjoy.

We attended firework displays on Saturday night in Canterbury Park, on Sunday night at the Call residence--complete with the most delicious Farr's ice cream.  Monday night, we took our usual spot on the right field line at Civitan Park for the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration.  What a show!    It's no wonder I love the 4th of July so much!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Reunion Up

Summertime usually means Reunion time.

There's simply nothing better than a hearty gathering in Winnemucca NV.

This year, Ace's sister hosted the Wilhelmsen family reunion.  We had the best time playing with cousins, and being with siblings and parents.

Like they always say, families that bowl or play ping pong together, stay together.

"They" always say that.


We had a game night--not just normal games, but more like Human Pinata, Stocking Tag, and 3-legged races.  So entertaining.

While we were there, Jacob graduated and was set apart as an Elder.  He got his mission call to serve in Ghana Africa.  He leaves in a couple of months.  Um...yikes?

We're hoping that we'll have more opportunities to get together again (We'll try to leave the puke germs at home)!  We love our family!


These boys are some of the silliest I know.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


So the other day, I sat down to the computer and there was a folder on the desktop named "Hey Caddie, Look  at These"

Apparently Ace was going through old photos from his phone, SD Card, or something, because he created a folder full of pictures from long ago.

I can't remember if I have posted them on here before or not, but just in case I haven't, I'm posting them now.  Consider it "Throwback Thursday".

You're welcome, posterity.  You're welcome.