Friday, June 16, 2017

Where's Waldo? Amazing Race 2017

I know I recently bragged about my cool friends, and my cool neighborhood, but I'm going to do it again.  It's summer, so we play a lot and it's fun, so I that's what I post about.

Every year, Friend, Ironmom and I plan and organize an Amazing Race.  Not the running kind of race, but just more like a glorified themed scavenger hunt.  This year, our theme was Where's Waldo?  In addition to our 12 clues that lead to businesses and places around town, we added a picture challenge.  They had to find other people and things (like someone on a skateboard.  Or, someone walking their dog.  Or, a woman carrying a grocery bag.  Or, someone who isn't playing this game wearing stripes, etc.)  For sure, we are adding a photo challenge every year because the pictures that were sent to us were absolutely priceless!

In years past, our husbands have added their two cents and have helped us plan, create clues, and stratagize.  Last year, at the end of the race, they decided they didn't want to help anymore, they wanted to participate!  So, all year, we've had to keep our mouths shut about the race.  We couldn't bounce ideas off them, we coulnd't tell them how clever we were with the clues we came up with, etc. ;)

This year in particular was special because Ironmom came up with her own clues.  About 6 months before she died, she was told that the cancer had spread to her brain.  At that time, we joked about her getting her clues done.  One day during chemo, she texted Friend and I to tell us she was bored.  We told her to use that time to do her clues!!  It was all in jest, but when she was put on Hospice, she told us all about her clues and the destinations where she wanted them to lead.  It was amazing.  Ironmom specifically chose Beyonce to take her place as a planner and helper.  Beyonce stepped right up and filled in perfectly.

In the end, our husbands came out victorious...thanks to the luck of the 15 passenger white van! ;)

You know you want to play next year.

I'm sharing a few of the pictures from the night...

Bonus points for dressing up!  Ace is the guy on page 4 of our WW? book haha!

Pic in front of an opposing team members front yard

Pic with the biggest cheif in town

Everyone lookinf for the 1"x1" lamenated Waldo with the key word

This team participates every year.  They come decked out.  They definitely are the best dressed every year.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Idaho Falls Temple Rededication

Whenever the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints builds a temple, there is a period of a few weeks when the public can tour the building during an open house.  Right before the dedication (when only members of the church with a current temple reccommend can go inside the temple) there is a cultural celebration.  Mainly a brief history of the town in which the temple is built.  The youth of the church (ages 12-18) were invited to be a part of the celebration.

Because I am of age to have a child in that age range, this celebration hit a little closer to home for me.  Gimme was able to participate.  There were lots of practices, lots of time, and lots of effort put into this event, and I think it came together perfect as it can be with 12,000 youth.

Most importantly, I think Gimme came away from the experience with closer association to the temple.  I think she feels like the Idaho Falls temple is "her" temple.  I'm so excited to go there with her.  It was redicated today by President Henry B. Eyring.

Luckily, I had an "in" with security at the dress rehearsal.  "S-2" was able to send a few pictures while on duty.  :)

For more information about LDS Temples, and why they are so important, click HERE.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Welcome to Summer!!

My kids are growing up with fun friends in a fun neighborhood.  That basically means I have fun friends in the best neighborhood.  We topped the 2016-17 school year off with a whipped cream/water party!  Seriously.  We had a blast.  The proof is in the pictures. (Don't let Gimme's face fool you...she was disappointed she had to miss the party because she had to practice for the Temple Youth Culture Celebration.)