Sunday, June 17, 2018

Time Hog

Slice is gobbling up all of our time and effort so that no one gets a thing done.  We all just sit around and stare at her.  She is so loved. 

The sibling Selfie minus Gimme and Double Bogey

Mulligan puts off the vibe that he's neutral on the subject when it comes to Slice, but he loves to hold her, feed her, and watch sports with her.  Currently, he's doing all he can to ensure she grows up being a left hander.  

So, the neighbor kids come over and Slice becomes the "Baby Alive".  They each love to hold her.  Slice shows her love to them by spitting up all over their shoes and clothes.

Sometimes Bogey is caught being lovey to his sister.  Other times, his visits have to be supervised with a strict no "robbing the binky from her mouth and hiding it while she screams" policy.  Certainly he'll grow out of this stage.

Gotta keep up with the cool kids.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer MEATing

School is almost out.  Summer is so close we can taste it.  Literally. 

Our D93 hood had their last day of school.  Even though our family still has 5 more days, we're pretty much just pretending we're out too.  Let the late nights begin.

Also, as per tradition (well, 2 years in a row) we needed a celebratory MEATing to officially crown "The Husbands" winners of our Amazing Race.  It's always funny and shocking to hear their stories of how they claimed victory.  The 15 passenger van is always a huge hit. 

Friend, Beyonce, and I have a lot of work to do for next year to make the Race even harder.

Last night, we were able to gather and eat.  And eat.  And eat...

Just waiting for the meat to cook...Also, don't let that newly built fence in the background fool you.  Our new neighbors love us...I'm pretty sure.

Sometimes waiting is hard.  We set up some distractions to keep us busy.
 Here is the process:

We each bring enough steak to feed our own family.  We pile it up and give it to Brazil.

Brazil lays it all out and I get to (if Brazil is feeling like he can give up some cooking control ;) ) add the fine touches before it goes on the grill.

Brazil stirs the hot embers, lowers the grill close to them and puts the meat on to cook.

Brazil then carefully turns, moves, rotates, (adds whatever drug to make it so addicting), the meat until it's cooked to perfection.

Then, he cuts it into pieces, and we all dive in.  No forks.  No plates.  No steak sauce. No other food.  Just our fingers and the perfect steak.

All of this happens to the tunes of the 90's, or Brazil's Spanish selection that we can't help but sing along with, or dance along with.  (I've recently learned how to "floss"'s taken me weeks, but I busted it out last night when Brittney Spears came over the speaker.  Mulligan, my "Floss Trainer" was pretty proud of my dance move. Sorry I didn't get a video of it for everyone to enjoy.)

I am looking forward to a summer full of MEATings, night games, neighbors, water parties, sunshine, book club, friends, and wasting time on the porch.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Gimme was in a drama class this trimester.  With that, comes the requirement of a theatrical performance--

She was in the play, Scheherazade.  She had 2 parts...none of them required solo lines, but Gimme knew when to be on stage, she knew the dance bit, and what costume to wear.  So, I'd call it a success!  

(Don't mind the blurry pictures.  I was trying to take them while rocking Slice to sleep. Multitasking at it's finest.)

Also, Mulligan was in a play in his class.  He was pretty excited about his shot at the spotlight.  He and the cast had an "after play" celebration.  

Oh how this kid is going to miss 5th grade.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


The end of the school year brings some of our favorite activities.  Tiny Dancer has an end of the year dance recital and we all get to go and watch her do what she does best.  Dance.  She is so good.  Her mom would be so proud of her!  

Lucky for us, we got to see the Seahawks there too!  (Bogey was so excited he couldn't even sit still for a picture!)  We have missed them in the hood!  

Bogey loves the Seahawk boys.

Double Bogey needed a power nap 

I had to get a picture of this to remember that one time the SRU's had front row seats to David A. and he was being all swoonish and stuff, and I totally forgot I was basically 40, and instead was acting like a 13 year old girl with a crush.  Good times.  Good times...

Sunday, May 20, 2018


The 5th Annual Ultimate Amazing Race was a hit.  The theme this year was Old School Sitcoms.  Each team was assigned a tv show from the past.  We used quotes and actors from the shows for our challenges. 

We included a photo challenge (this will be a staple in our race from here on out) that kept us laughing for days and days.

Next year's theme is already picked.  We hope these teams (and more) come back and play again. 

Our husbands won for the second year in a row.  They give all the credit to their driver and the lucky 15-passenger van.

Family Ties

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The A Team (Winner Winner Steak Dinner! ;) )


Saved By the Bell

Home Improvement

That 70's Show

Full House

Sunday, May 13, 2018


It's Mother's Day, and what better way to celebrate than a baby blessing?  Ace blessed Slice in church today, and it was beautiful.  I felt such a tender spirit there during the blessing.  This baby girl is loved by so many on both sides of the veil.  

I didn't start taking pictures until some of our family left because I forgot that I should be documenting the day.  I'm awesome like that.  But, nonetheless, I got a few pictures of a few of our family members before they left.  We are so grateful for our family that supports us!  We are blessed with such great parents and siblings (and that includes our siblings spouses and children)!

This is the reality of 6 kids.  Gone are the days of normal, family pictures with everyone smiling at the camera with their eyes open.