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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Eve of the New Year

Nothing like a big fat party to close out the year.  That's how we roll here in this family.  Haha.   We sent 2018 out and welcomed 2019 with puzzles, games, and too much food.  I love this little family of mine.  I'm so grateful that they were all willing to stay home with their old mother for a party instead of going with friends.  For the record, we all stayed up until midnight.  Except Slice.  She wimped out around 10 p.m.  Lightweight.


Friday, January 18, 2019


One of the perks of having a billion kids go through one school, is that you get to know the faculty and staff.  Then, when you take a job as the PE teacher, and then find out you're pregnant, and have to give that up, the faculty and staff forgive you and let you be a substitute teacher.   The best days as a sub are the days I get to sub for teachers my kids have. Honestly, I could make a career out of this.  I love it.  I require the students to call me "Boss".  It's so funny when they see me, they say, "Hey Boss!"  I guess that pretty much puts me in charge of the whole school.

I'm so glad Ace has a job that lets him be in charge of  Slice while I run the school. (*wink*wink)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas Break 2018

We loved our Christmas break this year.  We followed tradition and drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  We added a little something new this year, and had a scavenger hunt.  We each picked a Christmas decoration and then as we drove around, we checked the items off as we found them.  The lights were exciting, but finding the named items was super fun!  We'll be doing that again for sure next year.

Christmas morning started off with a bang.  As in, the kids slept downstairs and banged on the ceiling when they were ready to come upstairs.  I responded by stomping on the floor.  Yes was three stomps, no was two stomps.  They got the two stomps throughout the early morning until finally at 5:30, I gave the three.  The good news about getting up that early is that the Christmas tree and decorations were down and put away by 9:30 a.m. 

Later on, we went sledding.  As per tradition.  We found a sweet spot at Freeman Park.  Lucky for us, we also ran into our friends, the Seahawks.  

A couple of days after Christmas, (on Ace and my 16th anniversary), we took the family to Salt Lake City.  We grubbed at Crown Burger. We walked around Temple Square and looked at all the beautiful lights (one of my favorite traditions from when I was growing up).

Because that is where Ace proposed to me, we stopped at that spot and the kids each unzipped their coats.  They had matching t-shirts that said, "Thank you for saying Yes Mom!  It was pretty clever and pretty cute.

After we were freezing enough, Ace took Mulligan to the Jazz game, and I took the rest of the kids to the hotel and we played games.  Slice was super sick, so it was a looonnng night, but it was so great to be together. 

My little gift from Ace

Another highlight of the break was being able to see my best friend Steph-McF.  She and I go waayyyy back to the days of Eagle Rock Junior High and 7th grade.  I attribute much of my staying on the straight and narrow path to her.  Even when we were roommates at Ricks College she led by her example to keep us out of too much trouble. ;) 

Our getting together this time however was under such unfortunate circumstances.  Her dad passed away after an accident.  It is so hard to see those we love go through such difficult trials.  I'm grateful that Steph has the understanding of our Heavenly Father's Plan.  We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018


I am not claiming to be a Juilliard School of Music candidate, but I've been in my fair share of ward and stake choirs, and I was an original member of the first ever Bush Bronco Singers choir.  So, basically, Julliard's got nothing on me.

As the genetics have panned out, it seems that even though none of my 6 children got my eye color, they did get my musical abilities.  So, that's something.  (If you've heard me sing, you know how much I'm kidding right now.)

Mulligan and Birdie are second generation Bush Bronco Singers.  Mulligan claims he's only in it for the "cash" he gets from his teacher, but Birdie is in it because she loves to sing (she'll never admit it).  It's exhausting to get them to practices one morning a week at 7:45, but their little programs are cute.  Mulligan adds his own flare to songs and Ace and I can't help but laugh our heads off.  It is nice to let Birdie build her talent,  and although she doesn't goof off, she's just as enjoyable watch.

Gimme, Mulligan, and Birdie are taking piano lessons from my mom.  If they would practice more, they'd be checking into Juilliard.   But they know how far away from their mom that place is, so they just practice a little bit.  haha.  As soon as they can open up the Hymn book and play at church, they can call themselves "pro" and stop taking lessons.  Honestly, they love just going to grandma and grandpa's house and getting spoiled.  They'll never stop lessons.