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Saturday, June 8, 2019

It's Science

I vote that science fair projects be optional.

This year, we waited as long as we possibly could before we could slap together a less than impressive science fair project. 

Okay, fine.  It was actually impressive. 

Impressive that we included photographs and a graph full of data and results.  We (I use that word to mean Ace and I) found an experiment online that wouldn't take long, and would be simple enough for Mulligan and Birdie to complete in a short amount of time. 

I don't know why we don't just keep the same project and use it every year.  Would anyone notice??

Saturday, March 23, 2019

It's Basketball Season

Well, it's my favorite time of year.  It's basketball season.  All of my boys have played hoop, and I've been really proud.  It's been so fun watching them play.  Bogey and Double Bogey were on a team that I coached.  They really know how to test my limits.  Bless their hearts. 

Ace led the ward basketball team to another championship.  Trophy stays in our wing of the church.  It's just a little trophy, no one wants to jump start the pride cycle. 

Mulligan played both city league and church ball.  He improved so much!  He is so fun to watch.  In many ways, he reminds me of my brother Kimball in his skill and his funny attempts to remain humble after draining a three, or something.  I love this kid.

Of course with basketball season comes March Madness.  That is the kind holiday I can get behind and decorate for! 

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Fifth grade is really great.  There's a thing in our district where all of the fifth graders get together and sing patriotic songs. 

The best part about this year, is that Birdie was joined by her two cousins!  They each go to a different school, but were all sitting fairly close to each other at the program.  Afterward, we met under my brother's heroic photo hanging at the school.  It's been there since the 80's, so everyone is familiar with where that is. 

Naturally, we ended up at Reed's Dairy for a celebration of a wonderful program! 

We love our cousins!!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Mountain (West Conference) is Calling and we Must Go

When you have a nephew who is a super star, playing college basketball, you get certain advantages.  Here's a story.
We drove from St. George to Logan--from baptism to basketball.  It was the last home game of the Utah State Aggies.  If the Aggies won, they would share the #1 seed in the Mountain West Conference.  We needed to be there.  Plus, we needed to know and understand what this "Spectrum Magic" was that was crowding my Twitter feed. 

As per "our style", we were running a bit late.  It was a sold out game, so we knew parking was going to be a beast.  Plus, by the time we walked the 55 miles from the first available parking spot, we'd miss the first half!  We didn't want that.   I had been praying the whole dive that we'd be able to find a spot up close

So, we drove to a parking lot next to the Spectrum with empty spots.  However, there was a guy blocking the driveway.  As we pulled up, he walked up to our car window and told us that the lot was reserved parking for patrons who donated big money to the school.  I told him that in a round about way, we donated to the school.  It wasn't a set dollar amount, but our donation came in the form of Justin Bean.  I explained that Justin was my nephew and I spent lots of time with him, over the years, playing with him, and almost raising him (I omitted the part about him living in Oklahoma and me in Idaho.  I didn't want to bore the man with the minor details.)  I told him that I was very supportive and adamant that he attend Utah State.  The guy seemed very pleased with my donation, because he let us in and we parked just a few feet from the building. (By the way, you're welcome USU Men's Hoops. Haha!)

The Magic in the Spectrum was all the hype.  The place was packed, and it was nuts.  So loud.  So fun.

After the Aggies took the victory, the crowd flooded the court and Justin was up crowd surfing.  I tried to tell everyone to put him down, that what they were doing was dangerous, but they didn't listen.  I just don't think they heard me. 

The best part of the whole night was when we went over to Jaxon (another nephew of mine) and Justin's apartment.  They just let my kids hang out with them.  They talked to them and made them feel pretty good about themselves.  We had pizza (Justin and his brother Jourdon went to pick it up, so obviously it was free.  *wink*wink).  Because it was well past our bedtime, we loaded up and headed home. 

Always a great time in Logan.

Now, onto March Madness.  Hooray!!

 Thanks again for the Tix JBB#12! 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

While in St. G.

When we go to St. George, we make sure we hit the swimming complex, so that when we strike it rich, and the money tree in the backyard really starts to bloom, we'll know how to build our own pool here in town.  (Seriously, why isn't there this FUN indoor swimming complex with water slides and splash pads, and stuff in Idaho Falls?)


Also, when we visit St. G., we love to stay at Nana and Papa's house, and play with cousins, and hang out with aunts and uncles.

 This trip was a very special one because we saw Little Z get baptized.  She is a sweet friend to Birdie, and we are proud of her.  I can't believe she's 8!

We love to be with family.  We're blessed to have cousins as our friends!