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Sunday, October 14, 2018

If you upchuck when someone else does...

You're a chain chucker, and you may not want to read  any further.

Recently, our family was sick.  Like, all in a day or two, everyone had to throw up.  Don't worry, our neighbors were also sick with the same thing.  Friends that retch together, stay friends forever.

I didn't get it until the end, so I had the privilege of observing the whole fiasco, and I learned a lot.  I learned that people's personalities (at least in our family) match the way they hurl.  Sorry, that I'm talking about this, but it's an interesting phenomonon.

I am a reluctant retcher.  I won't throw up at home unless I've cleaned the toilet, and bathroom.  I'll have a towel folded up to kneel on as not to strain my knees.  I'll do my hair up, as not to strain my strands.  Haha.  All of this is done while I'm fighting myself trying to decide if I should risk hurrying to inhale a bunch of calories, knowing they won't really count, or if I should just fight it and not puke at all.

If you know me, you know I'm only OCD if it's easy, and I only go through the effort of cleaning the bathrooms if I'm going to be sick.  haha.

Ace is a Violent Vomiter.  No secret about what he's up to.  He goes all out.

If you know Ace, you know there are no cutting corners.  When he's working on a task, he goes all out to make it awesome (do I need to mention the TV that raises up out of our half wall?).

Gimme is a Theatrical Thrower Upper.  As she's hovering over the toilet, she's wailing and crying.  "I don't want to throw up anymore!!"  Tears.  Moaning.  End Scene.

If you know Gimme, you know there's a little theater in all that she does.  It's not unusual for me to ask her to "Disney down" or in other words, remind her we're not a show on the Disney Now channel.  She has an incredible imagination.

Mulligan is a Boring Barfer.  The least amount of effort he has to put in to get it all out, the better.  If that means barfing in a bowl in his lap, so be it.  He couldn't care less about the splash zone.  As long as he doesn't miss anything on the ESPN sports feed, he's good to go.   He's also fine to hold that full bowl until I'm grossed out enough to take it and empty it for him.

If you know Mulligan, you know that he lives for sports and has no time for anything else.  If a job needs done, he'll do it half way, get distracted, and then distract me by talking sports, so I can't  "motivate" him to finish the work.  I eventually end up doing the job later on.  He's got me convinced that he has "short term memory loss".

Birdie is a Private Puker (a girl after my own heart).  She was the first one to get sick.  She didn't let anyone know she wasn't feeling well until after she lay in bed, miserable all night.  Every time she had to puke, she slipped quietly into the bathroom, did what she had to do, and resumed her position on the couch for a nap.

If you know Birdie, you know that she is quiet, reserved, and has the most tender heart of anyone I know.  She knows how to get her way, and she's pretty much got me wrapped around her little finger.

Double Bogey is our Comedian Cookie Tosser.  He will toss his cookies where ever, and then laugh his head off, and then when he's done, he'll go give the play by play of the fiasco to anyone who might have missed any details about his mess.

If you know Double Bogey, you know that he will do anything to make someone else happy--even if that means he gets dirty or hurt.  He just wants everyone to be happy and laughing.  He also loves to be the center of attention.

Bogey is our Heroic Heaver.  He's only thrown up one single time in his life because he had a procedure done right after he was born that was supposed to prevent him from ever throwing up...ever.  So when he heaves, he gets high fives.  He's defying the odds.

If you know Bogey, you know that he is a fighter and has overcome so much.  When he gets sick, he's usually sick for a longer amount of time.  I've never heard him complain about it once.

Slice is our Surprise Spewer.  You just never know what's coming.

If you know Slice, well, then you know surprises.  She's a pro.

Luckily, the illness was quick and everyone was feeling better within 24 hours.  Hopefully we are done with that kind of sickness for a long while.  It would be too soon to post about it again.  ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Let's take a long while and talk about this guy:

As of late, he's reached a couple of milestones.  He's about to top off the Basically 40 Club, as he just celebrated abother birthday.  He knows how to keep up with the cool kids. [wink, wink]

He also worked super super hard and qualified for the "Toppers Club" last year with Farmers Insurance.  To be honest, I don't know exactly what he had to do to qualify, I just know he was one of 2 qualifiers from the area.  It's a nationwide club, and there has to be certain business growth, and his numbers had to go up, and he did all of that.

He got a trophy.

I make him keep it at his office, as not to compete with my ginormous Mother of the Year Trophy, which basically takes up the whole spotlight on the mantle.  I mean, there's not really room for this heavy thing anyway. (You all know I'm kidding.  I don't make Ace do anything.  I just ask him very nicely.  Hahaha!)

He also got a trip to Disneyland.

For our whole family.

Farmers paid for most of it. (Well, you did if you are insured through Farmers...so...Thanks a mil! Haha!)

It was amazing.

We started our journey with a stop in St. George.  We didn't tell our kids about the Land.  They had no idea.  We used a visit to Nana and Papa as our excuse to check them out of school early, and the reason their bags were packed.

It's always a highlight enjoying the beautiful weather and our family that live there.

On Sunday, we hit the road again.  Still, our kids didn't know where we were headed.   We passed fields of small cacti, signs that welcomed us to Nevada and California, and we paid a gazillion dollars for a gallon of gas, and yet, our kids were obvilious as to where we were. 

Finally, 6 minutes from our destination, Mulligan looked out the car windows and said, "Are we in California?" 


After Ace checked into the convention and our hotel room, we headed out to the festivities.  Farmers had dozens of food trucks and food vendors set up all around the convention center plaza.  They had everything.  They also had little carnival type games for the kids to play and win little stuffed animals for prizes.  The stage was rocking with a DJ and some other local entertainers--jugglers, singers, dancers, etc. 

Once we stuffed ourselves until we couldn't eat another bite, we mozied on up to our hotel and went to bed.  We were all exhausted.

Monday morning was filled with Ace's business meeting, swimming, and the Farmers Expo (tons of Farmers "swag").

In the afternoon, it was time to load the shuttle and ride to Disneyland.  Honestly, the thrill started at the shuttle ride.  It's obvious we don't frequent theme parks often because the kids were STOKED about riding on a BUS!!! 

Disneyland was all it was cracked up to be for the kids.  They loved the rides, the food, the atmosphere, the everything.  They didn't care about standing in line.  They never complained about being hungry or thirsty.  They were just so happy to be there.  Which in turn, made me happy.

At 6:00 p.m. some of the resturants offered free food (and Diet Coke) for Farmers wristband wearers (that was us).  We also enjoyed the park to ourselves (well, us and the thousands of Farmers agents and their families) after 8 p.m. when it closed to the public.  Carrie Underwood performed in concert and we again found ourseleves stuffing our faces with churros, cotton candy, popcorn, and more Diet Coke.  Did I say "we" there?  Haha.  You know what I mean.  [wink*wink] 

There were hardly any lines to wait in, and we went on most of the rides.  Not the crazy ones though.  We're all a little chicken. (I especially enjoyed the carousel. Haha!)

 Why can't they be this tired at bedtime?

We left the park at 1:00 a.m. totally and completely exhausted.  So much fun for one day.  Memories to last forever.

I can't even begin to explain how proud I am of Ace.  He seriously is such a hard worker and does so much to provide for our family.  I am so grateful for all that he does for us.  It's been a blessing for me to be able to stay home with our children.  He's a champ! (see trophy above. [wink] )