Sunday, May 13, 2018


It's Mother's Day, and what better way to celebrate than a baby blessing?  Ace blessed Slice in church today, and it was beautiful.  I felt such a tender spirit there during the blessing.  This baby girl is loved by so many on both sides of the veil.  

I didn't start taking pictures until some of our family left because I forgot that I should be documenting the day.  I'm awesome like that.  But, nonetheless, I got a few pictures of a few of our family members before they left.  We are so grateful for our family that supports us!  We are blessed with such great parents and siblings (and that includes our siblings spouses and children)!

This is the reality of 6 kids.  Gone are the days of normal, family pictures with everyone smiling at the camera with their eyes open.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Twinner HBD

Anyone want to brief me on where the last 6 years have gone?  I mean, pretty sure I've been around, but when did my twins grow up?  

Double Bogey loves to play with cars and "guys" and his Imaginext "houses".  He can't walk past Slice without giving her a sweet, gentle kiss.  He loves to be a goof and loves to make people smile.  He is such a fun little boy. 

Bogey loves all sports (he and Mulligan are so much a like, you'd think they were the twins).  He also loves to play games.  He is a quick learner.  He is always willing to help out with Slice and we're so grateful for him.

These boys are great friends, and our family is so thankful for them!!

Happy birthday Bogey!  Happy Birthday Double Bogey!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Up Close and Personal

I think that by now, everyone is aware that my favorite tradition with my friends is going to the Utah Jazz game each year.  Somehow, I've become quite the dedicated fan.  

This year was exceptionally fun because as we were walking to the game, I saw in the distance a guy that reminded me so much of my nephew.  I yelled his name a couple of times, and he finally turned around.  I ran to catch up with him (I'm super cool like that).  I'm sure his friends were impressed when I said my major goal for the night was to appear on the jumbotron.  

Unfortuanately, the jumbotron goal was a pipe dream this year.  But don't worry, I got something better.  My friend invited her cousin to the game.  #bestdecisionever  He happend to have a connection to baseline access at halftime.  I was so close to these guys.  Oh man.  I was almost it tears...that's how awesome it was.

Do we even need to talk about how much we all need to love Joe Ingles?  I mean we're pretty much besties since I was this close to him, and we both have twins.  #lifelongbond

Also, 4 words: Rookie of the Year.

Rudy.  Oh Rudy.

David Stockton even got to play for the first time on his dad's old stomping grounds.  I love David, because I love John.  The crowd was crazy loud when he subbed in...even louder when he drained a three.

Such a fun night.  We can only do it once a year because we're so old it takes us a year to recover from the late night/early morning, and the drive down and back in one day.  Plus, when we laugh as hard as we do, that also adds to the recovery time.  I love my #SRU peeps.

Next up, our cultural experience at the Civic Autotorium (Sports and sophitication.  We're balanced like that).

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Spring Break etc.

So, Spring Break came and went and while everyone was out of town enjoying the sunshine and stuff, we were home, drumming up science fair projects.  

That wasn't all...Ace has been dreaming of TV built into our half wall for years.  When he first approached me about the idea, I didn't think it was actually possible.  So, of course I was like, "Yeah, hon, go for it."  When it didn't happen right away, I figured he finally gave up and realized it wasn't actually possible.


A few years later (Spring Break 2018), Ace started cutting into our half wall.  The rest can be explained via photo:

So, yeah, my husband is cooler than the average husbands in the world. 

Our spring break also consisted of lots of baby snuggles.  How did I ever think we were "done" at 5?  This little Slice is just a gem.  So cute and squishy!

The best part about spring break was spending time together.  I'm so greatful my kids are happy to just be home (in front of the cool TV. ;) )

Saturday, March 3, 2018

New baby, New name, New Blog Title

Remember that one time (or those million times) I said I was NEVER going to have another baby?  Well, for the last 9 months I've just been hiding out, eating crow--or humble pie--whichever one made me look the most pregnant.

Let's rewind to the summer.  I kept having this little feeling that I was pregnant.  You know, that little feeling called heart burn...?  It wasn't only that, there more signs pointing to pregnancy but I refused to entertain those thoughts.  After all, there's NO WAY I'd have another baby.  That would make 6.  No one has 6 children in this day and age...and speaking of age, two words:  BASICALLY FORTY.  I convinced myself I was way beyond new babies.

So, when found myself at the pregnancy tests in the store, I figured, it'd be no big deal to get just one...of course it would be negative, and I could move on in life.  I was just really trying to put myself at ease.

It's obvious what came next in my story.

Tears, anger, joy, more tears, blame Ace, more anger, and then just plain panic.  What if it's twins?  What if there's a health problem?  What would I do about my brand new job that I LOVED?  Gah!  I couldn't function.  There were a few weeks during the summer that were less than relaxing, but nothing I could change except for my own attitude.


Finally, I came to grips with reality and we told our family and close friends.  No one believed us! I had to carry the ultrasound picture around as proof!  We decided that we weren't going to post on soical media (I was still using both hands to stuff that humble pie in my face), or say anything to many people.  If you didn't actually see me, or hear a rumor, you wouldn't have known.

I worked up until Christmas Break, and then I stayed home and tried to catch up on all of my neglected projects before the big day came.  Plus, I had to shop for the baby necessisites since we GOT RID of EVERYTHING baby AGAIN, after the twins. 

(We got rid of all baby stuff after Birdie was born, because we were DONE.  Then we bought TWO of everything when the twins were born, and got rid of all of that, just in time to find out we were having another.  This time, we're hoarding all things baby, and "done" is no longer in our vocabulary.)

When February finally came, things got REAL.  I was suddenly remembering what it was like to be huge and uncomfortable.  Sleepless nights had returned, and I was dreading my upcoming, inevitable, hospital stay.

The day of my scheduled C-Section finally came and couldn't have been any more perfect.  Dr. Isbell walked into my room while we were waiting to go into the ER, drinking his Diet Coke.  I knew right then, I had picked the right doc for the job, and that I was in good hands.

At 8:11 a.m. Ace and I were all of the sudden in charge of 6 children.

Six.  That changes things.  For instance, this blog.  There's nothing 5 about us anymore.  But I can't change the blog address.  So, I have to change the name.  We also had to come up with two names for this little girl.  One for the birth certificate, and one for this blog!  As if the blog name isn't hard enough! ;)  haha!

So, without any further blah blah blahs, let me introduce SLICE.

A slice in golf may seem like a terrible thing, but it may be just the shot you need to refocus your game.  It may be the very thing you needed to remind you to keep your head down, or your feet and hips square, or your wrists locked, or whatever.  Perhaps that slice shot put you in a better position to see the flag--or the end goal. It could be just the shot you needed to make a difference in your game.

That is exactly what Slice is to our family.  In her short 5 days in our family, she has made a difference in our lives.  She has brought a piece of heaven to our home.  She has reminded me of what's important in this life.  She has helped us refocus our priorities.  Was she planned?  No.  Did I want to throw a golf club, or bust the shaft in half over my knee when I realized things were not going according to MY GAME or MY PLAN?  Yes.

However, I am so grateful for this unexpected shot.  I hate knowing what I could have missed out on had we kept things according to our plan straight down the fairway!!  We are deeply, madly in LOVE with our perfect Slice.

The photo onslaught begins here: