Saturday, December 31, 2016

Post Christmas

Since Christmas has ended, Ace and I celebrated 14 years of being married.  That's a really long time.  The good news is, it's been pretty easy.  Ace is a champ for putting up with me and my somewhat crazy ways.  I think having gone through what we did when we added twins to the clan, really helped us put things into perspective as far as our family goes.  Plus, Ace really shined and was a real hero during some of my darker days.  He continues to be my hero every day.

I'd also like to mention that he is so funny.  Not many people get to know his inner funny--but the guy knows how to get me laughing.  I just love him.

For the record, I was up and dressed first.  He copied me.  Ha!!

Other events include our trip to Utah.  Ace's family was there for a baptism.  It was so fun to get to be the W side of the family.  We went to the mall.  We played lots of games.  Mulligan and I were able to go to the Jazz game, and Ace and his dad and brothers went to Top Golf.

It was so great for our children to see their cousins!  They love to play with them and I am grateful for the kind of examples my kids have to look up to in our family!  Cousins are such blessings!

We love the Jazz/Gordon Hayward

Guys.  It's Thrul Bailey.  Thurl!!  I remember watching him play back in the day.


Cousins at the mall

Mall Rats

Friendly Game of Cops and Robbers

Dressing up amp'd their imagination...

Monday, December 26, 2016

I Cry the Day that I take the Tree Down

Just kidding.  I don't cry.

I actually can't wait to get the Christmas tree down.

It's not because I hate Christmas.  I'm not Scrooge.  I love Christmas!  I just don't see the need in having the tree up after the presents are opened.  It no longer has a purpose.  So, my tree comes down Christmas day.  Sometimes, I leave it up until the afternoon, but mostly it's down by 11 a.m.   I love rediscovering the space the tree has been hogging.

People!  It's been up since before Thanksgiving!!  It's fine to take it down. Plus, the spirit of Christmas is not found in the tree!

This year was somewhat of a bonus because church was cancelled due to weather, so my whole house (besides the lights outside) was 100% Christmas decoration free by noon. So refreshing!  

Now, I've got to prepare decorations for basketball season!!  It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I F Dental

For the first 3 years of Bogey's life, he was fed mostly though a tube directly into his stomach.  He was not a big fan of eating or drinking though his mouth.  He actually didn't like anything near his mouth.  It seemed that after every surgery on his cleft lip or palate, or flap or whatever, he'd revert back to his "Nothing gets in or out of this mouth" stage.  Brushing his teeth made things much worse.

Needless to say, going to the dentist isn't on Bogey's list of "Fun Things to Do".   He hates it.  As luck would have it, he inherited my stellar genetics of weak teeth.  Up until I was about 21, every time I went to the dentist, I had at least one cavity.  Sometimes I'd walk out of the office with 6 or 7.  I'm pretty sure the dentist I went to rejoiced every time I had an appointment.  He knew he'd be getting a raise that day.

Last time Bogey had cavities, he had them filled while he was getting a cardiac MRI at Stanford.  This time, we didn't have any reason to have anasthesia at Stanford, so we were given two options.

1) Go to Primary Children's and have the cavities filled (which would also require the headache of being evaluated by a dentist down there...) or,
2) Have the cavities filled here at EIRMC (which, last time Bogey was at EIRMC, the ER doctor was using Google to research Bogey's heart condidition and unifocalization surgery).

I am going to be honest here.  While we love Primary Children's hospital for so many reasons, we don't love it for the experience we had when we were there after Bogey's big surgery back in 2012.  I have not set foot on the premises since we left.  Just the mere thought of walking into that lobby pretty much sends me into panic mode.  Yeah, I'm still kind of a mess in my head.

We opted to stay here and take our chances.  (We actually really prayed about it, and honestly felt confident about being here.)  Naturally, I went to my neighbor (the counselor), and cried my eyes out to her in a panic.  She listened to me, assured me Bogey would be fine, and told me not to let my fears overcome my faith.

The morning of the procedure, I felt the familiar wad growing in my stomach.  It only got worse when I learned that they were not going to pre-medicate him before wheeling him back to surgery.  I was so worried about him freaking out.

He did freak out when we seperated, and my heart broke into a million pieces.  I went out to the car, bawled my head off (you know, like I do at the beginning of every surgery he's ever had) and then drove home to check on our other children.  I grabbed a doughnut for Ace on my way back to the hospital and I drank my 3rd Diet Coke.

I paced until the procedure was over.  I felt exactly the same way at both his open heart surgeries, and all of his cleft surgeries.  Time drags on, and I can't sit still.

When we got to Bogey he was waking up, and he threw up.  He's never been able to throw up before. (He has a nissen fundoplication-- the upper curve of the stomach is wrapped around the esophagus and sewn into place--after it was done, the surgeon told us that he'd probably never be able to vomit.)  Fun times.  I mainly add this tidbit for record keeping sake.

We were home by 11 a.m. and it was so nice to be able to be home with all of our kids rather than in a hotel room far away.

I did miss my trip to the Nike store though.

Hopefully we won't have to deal with cavities for a while.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Other December happenings included the end of the fall basketball session.  I am so sad it's over.

(This may shock some of you, but, sometimes I'm an airhead.  I thought I had scheduled the school gym through March.  That would ensure that we had plenty of time and space for 3 teams to practice.  As it turns out, I only scheduled it through December.  I have no idea why.  Last year I didn't mess up.  I'm going to blame it on the fact that at the same time I was scheduling the gym, I was also scheduling Bogey's Stanford Clinic appointments.)

I loved coaching the Little's, the Middle's and the Big League.  There was lots of talk about "Being the meat",  "No disgusting sandwiches", "Staying away from the hot lava, the danger zone, and no man's land".  We also had conversations of the floor eating feet if they weren't moving.  We also used technical terms like, rebound, offense and defense.  Unfortunately, I did not go undefeated in the Diet Coke races--but we all have room for improvement!

I'm already looking forward to next year.

The Middle's

Big Leagues

The Little's (Not pictured: MB)

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Nothing gets my heart pumping and the Christmas spirit blazing like a bunch of kids singing cute little Christmas songs.  Especially when those cute little kids are my own.

Over 25 years ago, my mom started a little singing group called Bush Bronco Singers.  Students at the school came before school to practices and there were a few little performances throughout the year.  Lots of children were Bush Bronco Singers (including myself...).  After my mom retired, another musically talented teacher took over the group.  I finally let my kids join.  Yea!

They did an exceptional job singing at the Festival of Trees as well as at the school, and at concert at the middle school auditorioum.

Like I said, nothing gets my heart fluttering--

--Well, unless it's a David Archuleta concert.  Then my heart really gets to fluttering.  You add a little Nathan Pacheo in there with a bit of Christmas tunes, and BAM!!  Christmas. Here.

Luckily, David A. came to Rexburg (a hop, skip and jump, away) again, so I loaded up the children (over the age of 4) and headed to the BYU-I center.  Because I come from a family with exceptional taste in music, my mom, 3 sisters, and sister in law (plus their children) also attended.

Oh. My, HEART!

At first, I was a little bit ticked that David wasn't going to hog up the whole show.  There were BYU-I dancers and choirs, and an entertaining organ guy, that shared the stage and time.  However, every time David sang, the annoying feelings left, and I was carried away to a little Christmas heaven.  When his songs ended, I felt the Ursula (in the Little Mermaid) come out in me and I wanted to shout, "KEEP SINGING!!"   His voice is perfect.

David's little buddy Nathan wasn't so shabby either.  I was surprisingly entertained by the sounds coming from his mouth.  Together, those boys can make a crowd swoon!!

 Needless to say, both concerts were a great way to kick off the holiday season.  Christmas is coming!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference '16

It's always fun to see the differences in each one of my children.  Some of them have similar qualities in looks, but their personalities are so different.

This year at Parent Teacher Conference at the elementary school, I was reminded ever so bluntly of those said differences.  

So far, each of my school kids have had the same third grade teacher.  His teaching style is a great match for our family.  He deals a lot with sports.  He integrates sports lingo into his lessons, which is a plus for us! Ha!! He taught Gimme all about the Butler Bulldogs--my Cinderella team in March Maddness--as well as kept Mulligan interested in attending school with his talk of the Big 10 conference.  

Birdie is in Mr. T's (Birdie doesn't like us to call him that out loud because her second grade teacher was Mrs. T, and she is NOT married to Mr. T. so "it's not even appropriate".  But since everyone on the blog gets a nickname, Mr. T will have to suffice.) class this year and she is loving it.  Not because she loves the sports lingo, but more because she is learning  a lot, and Mr. T. gives them cool stuff like a Rocky Mountain Power kit.  (She didn't take her basketball to basketball practice, but she toted the kit to practice.)  You know, with a shower timer so no one wastes water, a shower head that saves water, and light bulbs that save energy.  She filled out the questionare that came with the kit, as well as insisted that Ace measure how much water comes out of each shower head in this house per minute.  (That was a fun daddy daughter activity).

Anyway,  I digress.  

We went to PTC and took both Mulligan and Birdie.  During Mulligan's conference, Birdie cleaned and organized Mulligan's desk.  

When we got to her conference, we were shown a checklist of the things that Mr. T. wanted to discuss during the conference.  Mulligan was shooting hoops in the classroom.  Somehow, we got onto the subject of sports--after a few minutes of all of us (except Birdie) talking college playoff scenarios, she tapped Mr. T. on the arm, and politely, but oh so matter of factly, said "Can we please get back to this?" She was pointing to the checklist.

Mr. T. looked at Ace and I.  We had no words.

We got through the checklist.  Birdie is excelling in school.

I have a haunch she isn't going to give a lick about the Butler Bulldogs come matter what anyone says or does.

This is her desk.  It's all organized inside.  She's got the vat of hand sanitizer on her desk.  It would appear as if she were a clean freak.  Rest at ease.  Her bedroom is a disaster.  Oddly enough, Mulligan's desk is nightmare, yet his bedroom is never super messy.  Anyone want to get a psychology take on that? ;)