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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Happy Birthday Kimball!

My concert going experiences are few, but most are notable.  My first concert was Tim McGraw.  He came to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.  Because it was my first go, I didn't know how to act or what to do at such an event.  I did love listening to Tim sing though.

Next, was Collin Raye.  He came to Rexburg and sang at the stadium.  I don't mean to brag or anything, but I could sing along to all of his songs.  I was very well behaved because I was still new to the concert scene, and this was at BYU-Idaho. The best part about this concert was that I was with Kimball.  He didn't mind that I was rocking and rolling to mellow country, and when he caught the beat of "Little Red Rodeo" he couldn't contain his sitting dance moves either.  We just rocked out together in our own little way and laughed about it all along.    This was the concert life!  haha

The excitement in me could hardly be contained on my way home when I passed Collin's tour bus.  I'm sure he was in there, and I'm sure he was glad I honked as I passed.  Kimball was also very excited about this news when I called him the second I got home to tell him.

I'm sure he'd be just as excited about my concert activity these days.  Who are we kidding?  He'd be jealous of all the David Archuleta action.  He'd probably want tickets for a birthday gift. 

I'd hit another concert with him any day.

Happy Birthday Kimball!!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Little Rodeo Action

So, my SRU's are my people.  They are my saving grace, my bright spot, and my best friends.  I don't know where I'd be without them...and I've been saying that since the 7th grade when we met.  They kept me on the strait and narrow, and their examples are helping me stay on there today.

I feel like I laugh the hardest with them.  Like, for instance, when we went to the rodeo.  Oh gosh, I laughed pretty hard.  It's a good thing there was something to laugh about, though.  I was so nervous about the Indians, the wild horses, and the bucking cows.  Whoa.  What a night.

I'm already prepping for next year.  (Note to self, bring the brown paper bag to breathe into when the Indians ride the wild horses and bang the drums.)

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Happy Campers

I should note that the trip to Arizona landed in between Gimme's week at Girls Camp and Mulligan's week at Boys Camp (not really "Scout camp" since we don't do scouts...).

This is the doll that Ace helped make for the Humanitarian Service Project at Girls Camp.  See how he added the Nike Swoosh? 
Ace champed it up (yet again) and spent the week at both camps.  He walked away a master at sewing, and a master at corn hole.

I was able to sneak up to girls camp one day to go white water rafting.  I also jumped off a cliff.  My friends went first.  Plus, once you shimmy up the rocks to get to the cliff, you can't turn back.  There's no other way to get down except to jump. So many life lessons can be drawn from this.

Like, you get into situations and the choices you've made have led to consequences that have taken your freedom away, and the only way to recover is to take a leap of faith, and repent, and rely on the saving grace of Savior's Atonement to bring you back to shore.

Anyway, there were so many lessons from the rafting trip that I learned.  I walked away more inspired and uplifted than most of the young women I suppose.

While Ace was away at Boys Camp, with Mulligan, we got to dog sit.  We are pretty good at it. We walked the dog.  We pet it.  We loved it. It only made our children's desire to have pet grow.  We may have to borrow puppies more often.

Ace had a great time at Boys Camp too. There was even sewing there too (hammocks!).  He was so great to give up his time to spend a week with Mulligan.  Mulligan loved it and those two came home even closer buddies.

The only misfortune was that Ace was involved in an intense game of Capture the Flag.  He came home with a terrible sprained ankle and twisted knee.  He was in a lot of pain.  The good news is, he got to ride the cart at Wal-Mart, and he got a nice walking boot. #silverlining

Saturday, July 20, 2019

It's a hot one!

After a bit of a motel parking lot serenade (I was blasting Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" and John Mayer's "Route 66" while Ace was loading bags and the kids were getting into the van), we were literally on the road again.

We were pumped to arrive at Share's where the swimming pool awaited.  The kids greeted their Aunt and cousins and then got changed and headed out back to swim.  We never heard from them again for the rest of the trip.

Okay, that's a lie.

They got hungry.  We fed them.

But that wasn't all.  We played games.  We shopped.  We talked.  We had devotionals.  We tug of warred.  We crafted.  We got gifts (this stay sure beats the 2 star stop in Flagstaff where we didn't even get a mint on the pillow!)  We golfed (Go ahead and say Hello to the Champion.  I'm the champion.  KTlyn is also the Champion.  Together, we were victorious at the Family Scramble.)  We swam some more.  (I went running in the triple digits and upon my return, I jumped directly into the pool.  Splash.  So refreshing.)  Speaking of refreshing, there was Diet Coke a plenty--a must at any reunion--and enough laughs to last a while.  We had a great time.

In no particular order, photos to document our stay.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Grand...

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?  Have you been to the Grand Canyon in the middle of July?  Let's talk about that for a minute.

It just so happens that Ace has a sister living in AZ.  It just so happens, she was in charge of the family reunion this year.  It also just so happens that we love 4,000 hours in the car, (the kids can watch DVD's now!) so we hopped in the van and drove south.

On the way (ish) we stopped at the Grand Canyon.  Why?  Because we're parenting champions and we wanted to give them memories.  Also, who knows when we'll ever be down there again.  We're still recovering from the drive.

I digress.

Back to the matter at hand.

We drove to the Canyon.  We saw the sights.  Loved all of them.  Breathtaking.  Climbed like 90 stairs or something.  Loved it.

Fine.  We'll go back someday.  It was awesome.

 All 4,000 hours--good thing this child didn't need the cup holders for cups.

Look at us all touristy and stuff.

Lucky for us our cousin got to come along on this 4,000 hour drive with us!

After the Canyon stop, we drove to Flagstaff for a swim and a little shut eye.  Nothing shady about a 2 star motel. 

We had a great time traveling.  Everyone was happy and content to be in the car.  I was really grateful for the movies and the phones to keep everyone entertained.  I don't think the entertainment I was raised on would have got us very far. Only because I don't know all of the different parts to the instrument song.  (You know the one..."The clarinet, the clarinet, goes doodly doodly det...")  We'll work on it for next time.  ;)

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Other summer happenings include Bogey and Double Bogey playing t-ball.  It was so great.  Mostly because I didn't have to coach it.  Haha.  The boys LOVED it, and weren't too shabby in their abilities.

They want to play again soon.

We played at Ammon Pool too.  We were first timers, and we liked it enough to go back sometime.  Slice loves the water and wanted to set up shop and live in there.  Unfortunately, I'm not quite bikini-bod ready yet, so I skipped the swim and sat poolside.  I make a horrible life guard. I just didn't want to get wet.

Mulligan was off to basketball camp with his cousins at Utah State.  He came back semi-pro, so the cost was worth it!  Haha.  He had the best time, so it was worth it no matter what.  He loves basketball, and he loves his cousins!

A funny story about cousins.  During the week, Mulligan was teamed up with a group of kids which included my sisters son.  When we went to pick them up, I saw a little boy that looked very familiar.  I went to my Instagram and looked up MY cousin, and sure enough, the familiar face was her son!  He was also on the same team as Mulligan!  Pick up was a whole family reunion.  So awesome.

So far, we love this summer gig!