Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blue Angels 2017

Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?  Well, we took the day Saturday and sat in the sunshine and watched the planes go by.  It was an entertaning day watching the air show from a little distance.  I took three hundred million pictures, but I'll only post a few here.  It was so nice to just relax and get mesmorized by such an awesome sight!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


 In case anyone might be wondering, I love my family.  I adore my nieces and nephews, and I think my siblings are honestly some of the funniest people on this earth.  Not only that, but they're such good people...all 56 of them!

We even got to see some of our Brazil family. Oh how we miss them!!  We had a fun reunion.  We played in the water, painted rocks, made key chains, watched outdoor movies, had a hot dog roast, played basketball, learned about our family tree via a round of Jeporady, and Kahoot.  Being together always fills my heart to the brim with love and gratitude for every single one of my family members!

Have I ever mentioned that my nephew is an artist?  He took the #ifrocks painting to a new level.

Families that dab together, stay together...right?  That's a thing?  ;)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer--In the Thick of It!

Why summers have to pass so fast, I'll never understand.  I mean, why is time going by so quickly?  We have been loving our summer!

We watched our friends light off their own fireworks, and then on the 4th of July, we enjoyed the traditonal kickball game and homerun derby with my brother and his family.  Later that night, we watched the "biggest fireworks show on this side of the Mississippi".  The fireworks were being launched from a new location this year, so we couldn't depend on our traditional spot at Civitan Park.   We ventured over to Snake River Landing, and watched from our parking spot.  The show was great...getting home was not.  It was a two hour ordeal.

Throughout the summer, we do a neighborhood book club.  Some of the kids meet each week and get a treat and beads in reward jars (rewards like, Night Games, Water Fight, Science Day, Sno*Cones, Craft Day, etc.) for the time they put into reading.  It's been a fun way to keep my kids motivated to read thoughout the summer.  

We also took our traditional trip to the sand dunes and got more sand for the sandbox.  Yes, it's a mess, but my kids would live in the sand if it were an option.  Just proof that we need a trip to the beach more often.  

We have had an absolute blast playing night names, and we've had our share of grilled meat.  Brazil definitely has a gift. Anything he grills is as good as gold!  So good!!

This is Bogey's hiding place during 'Kick the Can'.  Yes.   He kicked the can and freed the jailbirds!

Gtilled pineapple?  Si.  Por Favor.

Also this summer, I had an intense couple of weeks with my first go round on Jury Duty.  The first time I had to call in, I escaped anything major.  My number was in the "call back next week" lottery.  Phew!  I thought for sure I had escaped.  But, I called in again and I was told I had to report to the court room!!!  Panic ensued.  Thank goodness my friend Beyonce was also dealt jury duty and her number fell with mine.  I rode with her to the court house.

Once we got there they offered fruit and water at the door...but honestly who can eat at a time like this?  There are 14 empty chairs that need filled in order to determine the fate of some poor soul!!    We watched an educational film about how it's a right and priviledge to serve as a juror.  Yeah.  Sure.  

Next, they started calling out names to fill the chairs.  I was more than releived not to hear my name.  However, that's not the end!!  Those people who get called  to sit get a chance to leave!  They get to talk about how they have an upcoming vacation they need to pay for, or how they're a single parent that can't miss work.  Because it was "medical/doctor case" lots of people escaped saying they work in the medical field, or that they don't trust doctors, etc.  Excuse after excuse...juror after juror walking out the door.  For every person that was let go, a new person had to be called to the hot seat.  I was beside myself with fear.  Let's just say, I'm not cut out to be anywhere near the court system.  Every excuse I heard from the freed people, I tried to make applicible in my life, and had several little speeches prepared as to why I wouldn't be fit to serve on this jury.    The fact that I'm a head case never even came in to play.

With only slim pickings (Beyonce and myself included) left to choose from, the seats were finally locked in and we were released.   Freedom never tasted so good!  I pretty much ran out the doors on an adreniline high...Guys.  I mean it.  I love the USA, and all the rights we have, don't get me wrong.  I would just be a hot mess on a jury.  

So I guess we could say, all in all, so far this summer has been a success!