Saturday, February 3, 2018


A couple of years ago, my brother was called to be a LDS Mission President in Brazil.  That calling required him to take his young family and leave their home, school, work, friends, comforts, etc. and hop on a plane to sacrifice 3 years of their lives.  

During the last two years, since they've been in Brazil, I've thought of them every time I start planning a pity party for myself.  It doesn't take long to change course in my attitude.

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Last week, I was able to see their two oldest sons as they spoke in their home ward in Utah.  Their oldest son talked about his experiences on his own mission to Peru, and their second son talked about his preperation and feelings of serving his own mission to N. Dakota.    He left last Wednesday for 2 years.  

I have a whole new love and appreciation for missionary work.  10 of our nephews have served two year missions, and I can't help but appreicate the work they do and the examples they set for me and for my own children.  

A few of the returned missionaries

Some future, current, and returned missionaries.

To learn more about LDS Missionaries, go HERE

Friday, January 26, 2018


We were able to get together to celebrate Ironmom's birthday.  Had she been alive, she would have offically graduated from the "Basically 40" club.  The day she was put on Hospice, one of the first comments she made to me was, "Ha!  I'm never going to be 40.  You will.  You will have to actually be 40 years old."  She laughed about that.  I still shed tears about it.  

Ironmom never loved celebrating her birthday (something we have in common) but we did anyway.  This year, we got balloons and sent them up to her.  She had a big role in our little corner of the world.  We all miss her like crazy, but had a sweet few moments remembering her and celebrating her big day.

Happy birthday IronMom!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Birthday Boy

The whole time I was pregnant with my Mulligan, I stressed and worried about his well being.  I wondered if he would ever grow and develop.  I had always had visions of shooting hoops or playing catch with my son, but I stressed about that all coming to pass because of the ups and downs of the pregnancy, and the different findings in ultrasounds, etc. 

Well, all y'all take note. 
Prayers are answered and miracles still happen.

If you know Mulligan, you know he is all about sports.  We've played catch.  We've spent many an hour shooting hoops, watching ESPN, and talking sports. 

I'm still thanking my Heavenly Father for this kid and the young man he is growing up to be. 

Happy Birthday Mulligan!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year Project!

What's a new year without a new project being completed?  Ace is such a champ to go through with all of my visions and ideas.  I mean, he wouldn't have to if he'd trust me with his power tools a little bit more.  Ha!! ;)

We (I helped...I painted...) built shelves to line our stairway.  I was able to take all the decorations off of the two bookcases in our living room and put them on the stairway.  We got rid of the bookcases, so now we have a little more room to make a little bigger mess!  Hooray!!

Seriously, I love the way the whole project turned out.  When my parents asked me what we wanted for Christmas and I told them a Home Depot gift card, Ace knew right away he wouldn't be sitting around watching football on New Year's Eve and Day!  I'm so glad he is so handy.  ;) 

Of course we had to keep the Imaginext houses on the ledge...but now they each get their own little spot...that's how much Ace loves those things.  (OK, fine, he loves our 5 year old boys.  If he didn't, this would have been the perfect excuse for him to chuck every one of those things!! ;) )

Wednesday, December 27, 2017



He makes it so EASY.

We golfed on one of our first dates.  He's even better than he was then.  I, however, probably shot the same score.  I lose track after 100.

Literally, our first rodeo.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Let's talk Christmas

Who else is astounded that Christmas break is pretty much over? (I mean, the tree is down...has been for a week...)  Why didn't the 2 weeks leading up to the break go as quickly?

The good news is, I loved every day of the break.  There is just something magical about being home with family.  I love it.

A couple of days before Christmas, we went to Grandpa and Grandma Hart's house to decorate gingerbread cookies with our cousins.  Delicious.

Then of course on Christmas Eve we went to back to Grandpa and Grandma Hart's for the traditional Christmas Eve feast, program and visit from Santa.  Christmas Eve is always a highlight to the break!

Mulligan and Grandma playing a duet.  Sleighride

Gimme and her cousin playing a duet...I totally can't remember the name of the song.
Now, the rest of these pictures are a little out of order.  I'm not going to try to rearrange them because, well, I'm just lazy like that.

So, we'll start from Christmas night.  After dinner, we went over to the church and the kids took a few of their new toys and Ace showed Guy the golf simulator we gave each other.  Now, we can golf all year long.

After the opening of gifts and a little nap (or long nap for me...) we took our children sledding.  I hate going down the hill because you have to walk back up (yep, I'm lazy like that too..) so I stood at the top and shivered.  But, the kids had a blast!!  They would have stayed all day if we would have let them.

Christmas morning, as per tradition, the kids woke us up by banging on the celing downstairs. (They had a slumber party and all slept in one bedroom).  3:30 a.m. was their first signal they were ready to go.  I stomped on my bedroom floor twice indicating they were crazy and needed to go back to sleep.  At 5:30, we heard another pound.  I stomped 3 times letting them know they could come upstairs.  We met them in the living room and they were stoked that Santa made his deliveries.

They all got something they liked.  Double Bogey, like his father, didn't love opening new clothes, but forgot all about his disappointment when he opened a toy.    We've got some work to do with that one.  ;)  My favorite part was watching them open the gifts they got for each other.  We drew names and set a budget and Ace and I took them shopping to buy for each other.  It was so cute how excited they were for the person they bought for!

 I've  been questioning my parenting abilities ever since I saw this hoodie in the store.  I know that Mulligan likes the Warriors.  He likes Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.  When that one guy left the OKC Thunder for the Warriors, Mulligan was torn.  (I was not.  My loyalties lie with the Thunder).  Well, Mulligan has been quietly rooting for the Warriors despite my explanations about how one tiny thing can contaminate and ruin larger things.  (You know, like, who wants to drink a cold lemonade with a tiny chunk of manuere floating around in there?)  Ace talked me into buying this hoodie for Mulli and in my heart of hearts, I thought for sure Mulli would politely ask us to return it to the store.  The expression on his face clearly defines how he really felt about it.  He put the hoodie on and didn't take it off until bedtime.  Where did I go wrong as a mother?  I probably should have changed the analogy up and little bit and instead of lemonade, used Diet Coke.  He probably would have understood that better.  ;)

The day was perfect and we ended the late night by watching a movie (and I took down the tree...).