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Saturday, June 15, 2019


Other summer happenings include Bogey and Double Bogey playing t-ball.  It was so great.  Mostly because I didn't have to coach it.  Haha.  The boys LOVED it, and weren't too shabby in their abilities.

They want to play again soon.

We played at Ammon Pool too.  We were first timers, and we liked it enough to go back sometime.  Slice loves the water and wanted to set up shop and live in there.  Unfortunately, I'm not quite bikini-bod ready yet, so I skipped the swim and sat poolside.  I make a horrible life guard. I just didn't want to get wet.

Mulligan was off to basketball camp with his cousins at Utah State.  He came back semi-pro, so the cost was worth it!  Haha.  He had the best time, so it was worth it no matter what.  He loves basketball, and he loves his cousins!

A funny story about cousins.  During the week, Mulligan was teamed up with a group of kids which included my sisters son.  When we went to pick them up, I saw a little boy that looked very familiar.  I went to my Instagram and looked up MY cousin, and sure enough, the familiar face was her son!  He was also on the same team as Mulligan!  Pick up was a whole family reunion.  So awesome.

So far, we love this summer gig!

Friday, May 31, 2019

More Math. Sand+Water=Mud

It's become a thing for us to miss the last day of school.  I don't know if we started it on purpose or not, but we just don't go. 

This year, instead of going to school, we went to the sand dunes.  We go there at least once a summer, so we figured we'd start off there.  It was a beautiful day--thankfully the rain finally stopped. 

We built sand castles.  We sledded down the sand hill.  We jumped off the edge and climbed back up. So much fun. 

But like they say, all good things must come to an end.

I tried to pull out of the sand dunes by flipping a wide U turn.  I thought that if I gunned it, the risk of sinking in the mud was less than minimal.  

I thought wrong.

The second the van touched the huge puddle of water in the middle of the muddy parking area, it 

We were half tire deep in the mud.  I tried reverse.  I tried drive.  I tried this snow tire feature thing.  Nothing worked.  The kids got out with their buckets and were filling them with sand and bringing them over to dump by the tires.  Didn't work.

Finally, I "Mom-ed"up and made Birdie go ask the man driving the tractor if he could pull us out.

After he filled his dump truck full of sand, he tractored over, got a chain, and laid on his belly, scooched far enough under the van to connect the chain (mud washes right out of clothes right?  Plus, I mean, those were his work clothes.  He wasn't planning keeping them dry and clean anyway, I'm sure. Sorry wife of guy!!), and then hopped into the tractor and pulled the van right out.   No biggie.

We got home and washed the van, inside and out.  (So much mud and sad everywhere!)

The good news is, we knocked sand dunes off the summer bucket list.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Ace thought it would be a good idea to go on a date every week.  Usually we go out to eat and then go to WalMart, because that's how we party over here.  

But then, he had to go and get all fancy.  

He had the idea to "refinish a project" together.  As if that would just take a night.  I wanted the table and chairs redone, so I opted for his help on that.  We sanded everything.  Then primed everything.  Then we painted the table.  At first, I thought I wanted gray on top and blue on the bottom so that's what we did.  Then in the night, I changed my mind.  So we woke up and started over.  We went gray on bottom, blue on top.  I really like how it turned out.  No way I would have finished this little project within a week.  We would have been sitting on the floor for at least a month.  So, I was grateful Ace was willing to go all in on this with me.  

Another time, we braved the breeze and "hit" the batting cages (see what I did there?).  Yep.  I still got it.  I can hit a slow pitch softball.  

Ace still has it too.

On one of our dates, we went bowling.  Nice of Ace to let us tie.  But honestly, we were so intrigued with the drunk bowlers on the one side of us and the senior bowler on the other side of us.  A room packed with entertainment!  We were lucky to knock any pins down!

There's something about getting Ace out of his comfort zone that brings out the best in him.  Holy moly.  We were laughing pretty hard at our roller skating skills.  Star Lite Skating is where it's at people.  I'm pretty sure we were the only ones that were A) over 14 on skates and B) the only parents there without children. 

Give me a beat and some roller skates and my pride hits the road.  Cool kids stand aside.  Haha!

Another night we bought a card game and  drove into the hills and parked and played (it was too windy to play at a park).  We thought for sure we were going to get busted for trespassing.  I mean, we were in a mini van on the side of the road at dusk.  Pretty suspicious.  Thankfully we escaped any threat of police officers.  We did tense up at every pair of headlights, though. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019


I'm not saying I'm old, I'm only saying that rounding out my last year of being basically 40 has it's ups and downs. 

For instance, let's start with the downs.  Metabolism.  Molasses.  Also, why do children fight an 8:00 bedtime?  Yes it's light outside, but if they close their eyes, it's dark.  I'd do anything to be in bed by 8 p.m. every night.  I mean, I'm pretty much done for the day by 6 anyway.

Now, let's discuss the ups.  If you were born too late you missed out on the Walkman.  I'm sorry. 

Sure we can compare the Walkman to an iPod or whatever, but I'd choose the Walkman over anything.  Easy to clip on the belt (no additional charge for that clip by the way, it came built on), and the anti-rolling feature (you know, so the tape doesn't get all garbled up)  makes those cassettes sound almost flawless. 

I mowed many a lawn (mowing the initials of whatever boy had a crush on with the lower wheel setting on the mower.  I took my work seriously.) with this sweet tune player.  I had mix tapes, that I wish I had access to today.  No wonder my dance moves are so advanced.  Look at what I was raised on!

While cleaning out my dad's bedroom cabinet, we found several treasures, including the Walkman.  I'm sure he was keeping it so that I could have it. I brought it home and my kids had no idea what it was.  They didn't even know what to guess until I busted out the sweet headphones and connected them.

I'm not going to lie.  We're all hoping for a comeback!

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Numbers, math, and fractions have never been my strong suit, but I've been practicing with my first, fifth, and sixth graders homework.  

From what I can calculate, I'm now down to 1/7 portion of MY Diet Coke.  Since Slice can now drink from a straw, my trips to Mav have increased.  It's probably for the best.  There are a lot of new employees over there that I need to get to know on a "$1.05 refill/new/doesn't matter/I'll be back for  more",  basis.  

Friday, April 26, 2019

Traditions with #grizznation

The Annual #GrizzNation trip to the Utah Jazz game took place and as per usual, it was a blast!  There's just something about laughing and being with your close friends who know you so well.  This little tradition that has been established has become one of my favorites.    These two friends of mine will forever be blessings in my life!