Friday, April 7, 2017


I don't mean to throw anyone into a fit of panic, but my twins are of the kindergarten age.  What I mean is, THEY'RE FIVE!  I can't figure it out, though.  Where have I been the last five years??  I vaguely remember their birth, and maybe their first birthday, but what happened to all of that time between then and now?  I was reminded of the time that has passed when I went to register them for kindergarten.  I looked over the list of what is happening on the upcoming screener, and we are now cramming...just like I used to do before finals in college.  I feel like the kindergarten screener is more like a parenting screener.  Like, what have you been doing as a parent for the past five years?  As you can imagine, I'd be scoring straight ones (on the scale of 1-3, 3 being great...)!

Not only have we not been holding pencils or scissors, but I also haven't been keeping track of immunization records or birth certificates!  Apparently, I needed both in order to register them.  I could not even begin to remember what their birth certificates even looked like.  Did I order them?  Did we fill out the paperwork at the hospital to get birth certificates?  I couldn't remember.  

So, I started digging.  I was taken on a very emotional trip back in time.  Some of the memories that were triggered were happy and some brought familiar panic.   As I fished around for those birth certificates, I couldn't help but think about how incredibly blessed we've been.  Our family and our friends have been our absolute heroes.  I found so many letters, cards, messages, gifts, etc. that I read when I desperately needed a boost on those hard days after the twins were born.  I don't know where I would be today without those uplifing words that were sent to me back then.

I re-read most of the sentiments as  I grasped the fact that these babies aren't really babies anymore.  I found a bit of confidence as reality smacked me in the face. I can do this.  I can send them off to school...they're ready. (I insert that as my own pep talk that I'll be having with myself come August 30.)

Bogey loves all things sports.  He is a dribbling machine.  He loves his speech and physical therapies and being healthy enough to stay away from the hospitals and most doctors.   Every once in a while he'll make a random comment about how "his heart misses Dr. Hanley" or "Dr. Lorenz" or "that doctor in the picture" (Axelrod).  It makes me chuckle because 1) He probably wouldn't know any of these doctors if he were to bump into them, and 2) I'm sure "his heart" would change if we actually had an appointment to go see any one of them... 

 I am, however, super grateful that these doctors will always be a part of his life.  We've got some great photos of them, as well as a stuffed elephant who will forever be known as "Hanley".

Double Bogey is a bright spot to my day.  He loves cars, Imaginext "houses" and "guys", and loves to be outside on his scooter.  He is a great protector to his smaller brother and is quite the goof like his older brother Mulligan.  He knows how to make us laugh.  He's an earlier riser in the morning because he's pretty good at going to bed at night.  He LOVES his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  He has an especially close bond with his Grandpa Hart.

These past five years have been filled with tender mercies, growing and stretching, laughter, tears, struggles, and so many, many blessings.  Despite the difficulties, I wouldn't change a single thing about the last 1825 days.

These boys are the double cherries on top of our sundae, our double caboose at the end of the family train.  Oh how we love them!

Happy Birthday!

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