Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Chillin'.

The weather here has been killer.  Winter has yet again overstayed its welcome.  It seems that the sun will shine, but that's just been Mother Nature, teasing us.

But, we're not letting that get us down.  No.  We're "thinking spring"--in hopes that Spring will get all sprung, and we can have some outside time!

Bogey must be longing for that warmth because the other day, he came strollin' into the kitchen, all casual, and leans up against the refrigerator and starts talking to me.  I look at him, and he's just sporting his tourist duds--short shorts, shirt unbuttoned, and shoes unmatched.  Don't worry that the outside temps were dipping into the mid-twenties.  No biggie.  It's fine.

On the first day that the wind wasn't blowing the roof tops off, and that we couldn't see our breath, we called a  "MEATing".  It was so great to have Iron Mom outside, instead of in her bed.  We were grateful she felt good enough to laugh with us.  Sometimes I need the reminder to be thankful for the little things.  

It was so wonderful to get our meat fix as well.  Like I said, it's been a LONG winter.  Bogey will probably take the helm as griller soon.  He has a hard time being patient once he smells that meat cooking.  He wanted to see the process, as well as be the first to sample the slab as it came off the grill.  

We're all praying for more good days to enjoy together!

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