Wednesday, April 12, 2017


By now, it shouldn't shock anyone when I say, we're a basketball-loving family.  Besides Christmas, it's the only season I decorate for (and really, when I say decorate, I mean, my door hanging, and a few things inside...).  

To be honest, though, I can't help my basketball obsession.  I was born that way.  It's actually in my DNA.  I can prove it because we took an evening and drove to Shelley to watch two of my nephews play against each other in a basketball tournament.  See?  My siblings have the same thing.  I'm not sure they decorate for March Madness and the basketball season, but if they weren't running around to basketball games every day, they probably would.

The cheering section was rowdy.  It was so fun though because everyone around us seemed to be very confused as to why we were cheering for both teams!

To really deepen our love for the sport, Ace and I got Mulligan tickets to March Madness in Salt Lake City for his birthday.  It was a selfish gift, we realize that.  However, we feel no shame in our desire to cash in on the gift that gave to all three of us!  

We had the best time watching Gonzaga vs. South Dakota State and Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt.  Both games were exciting!

On the way home, Mulligan couldn't stop talking about his picks on his bracket.  I coach his basketball team, and it is a requirement that every player on the team and their parents (sibling participation is also strongly encouraged) fill out a bracket and turn it in with a prize ($5 or less) for the Trophy Bucket.

Mulligan actually held onto the lead throughout the whole tournament up until the final 4.  He then handed the lead to his little sister.  Unfortunately, both kids picked the wrong winner!!  However, Birdie has never paid such close attention to a basketball game--and she's played for 3 seasons!!  ;)

Friends and neighbors came to our house for the big final game and the trophy presentation at the conclusion. With the NC Tarheels coming out with the win, BB walked away with the loot.  Lucky guy.  He gets to display the trophy for all to see for a WHOLE YEAR!!

Since Mulligan was already thinking basketball, it wasn't hard to come up with a science project for school.  Don't worry.  He got a blue ribbon...that's good...I think.

I don't know what we're going to do now that the only basketball we have to watch is the NBA.  It's hard to watch our beloved OKC Thunder struggle, while that greedy, self-interested, #35 in the blue and yellow coasts his way into the play-offs.  (I could do a whole long post about how I feel about the whole situation, but I'll save it for another day, or I'll just get over it...whichever comes first.)

Let's just hope the local favorite, the #UtahJazz pull through to represent the west.  At least that would give us some quality ball to watch through June...

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