Thursday, January 26, 2017

Boy Party

 Back in October Birdie was invited to a birthday party at the Aquatic Center.  I made the mistake of taking my boys to the party to watch the girls swim.  Bogey and Double Bogey were getting so mad that I was not letting them in the pool.  To ease the situation, I told the boys, "This is a girl party, not a boy party."  The Party Host (Bishop's Wife, or BDub) was helping me calm the little guys, and she said, "We'll have a boy party on another day!"  The twins seemed to be at ease.

They were at ease until the following Sunday when they saw BDub at church, and wanted a few more details about this "boy party".  That's pretty much how every Sunday went for a few months.

Finally, after weeks, and months of begging for this "boy party", BDub and I picked a day and made the "boy party" happen.  It was a wild party, that's for sure.  Those boys.  Whew!

There was pizza, french fries, and juice.  For the adults, there was Diet Coke in fancy goblets...because that's how we roll.

I love that my boys love BDub as much as they do.  She was their favorite nursery teacher, and now she is one of their favorite gum suppliers.

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