Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Member of the Double Digits...

Mulligan finally joined the ranks of Double Digits!  We celebrated his birthday with sugar cookies in his class at school, and then Perkins for dinner--complete with chocolate silk pie.

This guy is sarcastic (I don't know where he gets it!), funny, and athletic.  He loves ESPN, the NBA, NCAA Football, and like his mother, can't wait for March Madness!  He likes to know the stats of his favorite players and teams.  (Which currently include, Ohio State, Stanford, BYU, OU, OKC Thunder, GS Warriors *sigh*, and the Cavs *double sigh*.  He follows Russ Westbrook, Brice Johnson, Blake Griffin, Steph Curry, Kevin D, Gordon Hayward, Jimmer Fredette, Ezekiel Elliot, Taysom Hill, Jamal Williams, & Christian McCaffery just to name a few).

Not only does this child of mine love to watch sports on TV, but he also loves to play sports!  He always has a football or basketball in his hand.  He plays on a city league team, and he is determined to perfect the buzzer beater.  The boys on his team are some of his favorite people.

Interesting fact about Mulli, he has only lost 3 baby teeth.  Yeah.  3.

His only interest isn't just sports, he likes to read too.  Plus, he is a master at the WiiU.

He brings lots of joy and laughter to this house, and we're all grateful to call him ours.

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