Thursday, December 1, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference '16

It's always fun to see the differences in each one of my children.  Some of them have similar qualities in looks, but their personalities are so different.

This year at Parent Teacher Conference at the elementary school, I was reminded ever so bluntly of those said differences.  

So far, each of my school kids have had the same third grade teacher.  His teaching style is a great match for our family.  He deals a lot with sports.  He integrates sports lingo into his lessons, which is a plus for us! Ha!! He taught Gimme all about the Butler Bulldogs--my Cinderella team in March Maddness--as well as kept Mulligan interested in attending school with his talk of the Big 10 conference.  

Birdie is in Mr. T's (Birdie doesn't like us to call him that out loud because her second grade teacher was Mrs. T, and she is NOT married to Mr. T. so "it's not even appropriate".  But since everyone on the blog gets a nickname, Mr. T will have to suffice.) class this year and she is loving it.  Not because she loves the sports lingo, but more because she is learning  a lot, and Mr. T. gives them cool stuff like a Rocky Mountain Power kit.  (She didn't take her basketball to basketball practice, but she toted the kit to practice.)  You know, with a shower timer so no one wastes water, a shower head that saves water, and light bulbs that save energy.  She filled out the questionare that came with the kit, as well as insisted that Ace measure how much water comes out of each shower head in this house per minute.  (That was a fun daddy daughter activity).

Anyway,  I digress.  

We went to PTC and took both Mulligan and Birdie.  During Mulligan's conference, Birdie cleaned and organized Mulligan's desk.  

When we got to her conference, we were shown a checklist of the things that Mr. T. wanted to discuss during the conference.  Mulligan was shooting hoops in the classroom.  Somehow, we got onto the subject of sports--after a few minutes of all of us (except Birdie) talking college playoff scenarios, she tapped Mr. T. on the arm, and politely, but oh so matter of factly, said "Can we please get back to this?" She was pointing to the checklist.

Mr. T. looked at Ace and I.  We had no words.

We got through the checklist.  Birdie is excelling in school.

I have a haunch she isn't going to give a lick about the Butler Bulldogs come matter what anyone says or does.

This is her desk.  It's all organized inside.  She's got the vat of hand sanitizer on her desk.  It would appear as if she were a clean freak.  Rest at ease.  Her bedroom is a disaster.  Oddly enough, Mulligan's desk is nightmare, yet his bedroom is never super messy.  Anyone want to get a psychology take on that? ;)

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