Sunday, December 4, 2016


Nothing gets my heart pumping and the Christmas spirit blazing like a bunch of kids singing cute little Christmas songs.  Especially when those cute little kids are my own.

Over 25 years ago, my mom started a little singing group called Bush Bronco Singers.  Students at the school came before school to practices and there were a few little performances throughout the year.  Lots of children were Bush Bronco Singers (including myself...).  After my mom retired, another musically talented teacher took over the group.  I finally let my kids join.  Yea!

They did an exceptional job singing at the Festival of Trees as well as at the school, and at concert at the middle school auditorioum.

Like I said, nothing gets my heart fluttering--

--Well, unless it's a David Archuleta concert.  Then my heart really gets to fluttering.  You add a little Nathan Pacheo in there with a bit of Christmas tunes, and BAM!!  Christmas. Here.

Luckily, David A. came to Rexburg (a hop, skip and jump, away) again, so I loaded up the children (over the age of 4) and headed to the BYU-I center.  Because I come from a family with exceptional taste in music, my mom, 3 sisters, and sister in law (plus their children) also attended.

Oh. My, HEART!

At first, I was a little bit ticked that David wasn't going to hog up the whole show.  There were BYU-I dancers and choirs, and an entertaining organ guy, that shared the stage and time.  However, every time David sang, the annoying feelings left, and I was carried away to a little Christmas heaven.  When his songs ended, I felt the Ursula (in the Little Mermaid) come out in me and I wanted to shout, "KEEP SINGING!!"   His voice is perfect.

David's little buddy Nathan wasn't so shabby either.  I was surprisingly entertained by the sounds coming from his mouth.  Together, those boys can make a crowd swoon!!

 Needless to say, both concerts were a great way to kick off the holiday season.  Christmas is coming!!

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