Sunday, July 24, 2016

Birdie's Baptism

Our youngest daughter turned 8 earlier this summer.  It was an exciting time for her because she's known for a while that she wanted to be baptized a member of the Churuch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

On July 23, it finally happened.  She was able to have her own special day.  Lots of our family members came and it was an extrordinary day.

The program was as follows:

Opening Prayer: Hallie (cousin)
Opening Song: Baptism
Conducting: Kinley (cousin)
Accompaning: Grandma Hart
Talk on Baptism: Caddie
Baptism of Birdie--Ace
Special Musical Number: I am a Child of God--Birdie & her two 8 year old cousins, Madison and Jacob
Talk on the Holy Ghost: Mulligan
Confirmation: Ace
(in the circle: Ace, Bishop Seedall, Grandpa Hart, Papa, Uncle Matthew, Uncle Ryan, Uncle Mike, Uncle Howard,  Jake, & Jourdon)
Remarks: Bishop Seedall
Closing Prayer: Jourdon (cousin)

Birdie has a clearer understanding of the gospel than I did at her age.  She has a budding testimony, and is so aware of right and wrong.  She is such a blessing to our family, and I am so grateful for her example.

(The three 8 year old cousins) 

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