Tuesday, May 31, 2016


For Family Home Evening, we took the kids to the batting cages.
At first, it was all fun watching the kids try their hand at something somewhat new.  For the most part, they all got a piece of a few pitches.  Some of them were solid hits.

I couldn't stand idly by for too long before I was sporting the helmet--the helmet that Bogey and Double Bogey couldn't get enough of--(who knows how many more sweaty heads were in that thing before ours.  GAG!!) and was waiting inside the cage for the machine to throw me a pitch.

Even in my ripe old age, I could get the bat around quick enough to hit the ball.  (Of course, we're talking slow pitch here.  I could never hit a fast pitch, even in my younger days.)  It was so fun to be out with the kids.  They enjoyed themselves.

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