Monday, May 30, 2016

Basically a Teenager

Well.  We made it.  We officially have a child that has reached that awkward age of Junior High.  I've gone ahead and hit the panic button.  It's for real.  I'm old.  Guys, she's going to Girl's Camp.  She's at mutual on Tuesday nights.  Come August, she'll be roaming the halls of junior high.

She has been asking to get her ears pierced since she was about 5, and I kept telling her that she had to wait until she was 12.  In my mind at that time, 7 years was basically a lifetime away, so I thought I'd never have to deal with it.

Ears are now pierced.  We've been fumbling around with q-tips and cotton balls trying to avoid infection.  She's got earrings, people.  This is all so foreign to me!  I thought I was raising her to just sit around and watch sports--skip the frills and drama--to be happy with a ragged pony tail.

Nope.  She chooses frills, drama, make up & girly girl stuff.

It's all good.  We love her just the way she is.  She fits perfectly into our family!

Happy Birthday Gimme!

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