Friday, April 29, 2016

To go, or not to go...

So this one time, we drove to California so that Bogey could get another surgery on his palate to help with his speech.  When we got there, we couldn't get the surgery because Bogey was taking aspirin.  

We quit giving him aspirin for 2 weeks.

Then this other time, a month later, we drove to California so that Bogey could get another surgery on his palate to help with speech.  When we got there, the surgery lasted about 4 hours.  Bogey also got his g-tube site re-opened and then stitched shut because it didn't close all of the way after we took the g-tube out.

Bogey could only have liquids for the first 24 hours post surgery.  Then, he moved to pureed food for 24 hours, and then to soft foods for 3 weeks.  Ladies and gentlemen, that means NO CHIPS.  That is a staple in this kids diet.  

He was not all that happy about his food options.  He was also in so much pain (the pain can be related to getting tonsils out--since that's the worst pain I've ever felt, I was crying along with him in sympathy), he would not drink.  He had his IV fluids going, and that was the only thing keeping him hydrated.  

We were promising him the beach, new shoes, balloons, golfing, cars, and balls if he would just take a drink.  To no avail.  We were stuck in the PICU for 2 days, going on three when I begged the doctors to just let us get out!  He granted us permission to be moved to the third floor, but it would take a miracle to get him out of the hospital that day.

Silly man.  He didn't know how much we believed in miracles.

As soon as we got Bogey up to the third floor where it is bright and light, and happy, he started to drink.  He started to eat.  He was up, playing, walking around, and talking.  I made the nurse call the doctor.  

The nurse discharged us a few minutes later.

We got a balloon.  
We slept at the hotel.
We went to the beach.
We went to the store and got new shoes...
...and a new toy car, and a new ball.

2 days later, we were home.  

I love it when things go smoothly.

We believe in miracles.  We've seen too many in our lives not to believe. 

My other children are so blessed to have grandparents that they can stay with while we're away.  They are so well loved and taken care of!  Thanks again dad and mom!!

This boy and his grandpa are the best of friends.  They have had a special bond since Double Bogey was a tiny baby.

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