Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chips and putts and other stuff

Right before our "spring" snow storm, the temperatures were eeked above 50 degrees, so we enjoyed some time outside.  Of course the golf clubs were brushed off and put to use.  At first it was just swinging.  Then, the foam practice balls spilled out.  Next thing we knew, Ace and Guy were standing in their front yards hitting practice shots to each other.  Who needs the driving range?

Gimme has finally reached that age when I can go on short errands, or runs, and she stays and babysits the other kids.  Once I left my phone and came home to a bunch of these selfies--

One afternoon, while the kids were doing homework, I walked into the family room on this scene:

So, the kid loves chips.  He kind of goes through waves of what kind he prefers.  He started out with a Cheetos addiction, but then moved to "Yellow chips" (Lays in the yellow bag), and over to "Black chips" (Lays Barbeque) and now he's kind of hooked on "Green chips" (Sour Cream and Onion).  At least he's not waking up in the night begging for chips anymore.  (Yes it happened.  Of course I let him have them.  In my bed.  Yes I woke up covered in crumbs.  It's fine. I got sleep.)

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