Thursday, May 19, 2016

Game On

Every once in a while, I like to be social.  Back in the glory days, my mission was to be at the top of the whole social scene ladder.  I never really reached the tip top, and since I've been married, I pretty much quit trying, except when it's time for the Amazing Race--then I just love a crowd!

The Amazing Race is pretty much a glorified scavenger hunt--for adults.  Me, Iron Mom, Friend and [sometimes] our husbands come up with clues that lead people to places in Idaho Falls.  At those places, they have to find a special coin, write down the special word from the coin, and then head to the next place.  

Usually we theme the race, and each team comes dressed accordingly.  It's so fun.  Fun for us to come up with the clues, and devise challenges and score sheets.  It's also hilarious to watch the teams participate in the challenges.  

Here are some rough samples of our clues:

Track the following 4 trips on the Atlas:
1. Alaska to Hawaii to Mexico to a cruise on the North Pacific Ocean to Canada, back to Alaska.
2. Nebraska, to Colombia, back to Nebraska, to Cuba, to Texas
3. Iceland to Mauritania
4. Finland to Egypt to Pakistan

(Answer :if you do a connect the dots type deal, it spells out: BAIL.  Thinking of places in Idaho Falls, you'd go to ATLAS BAIL BONDS.  You'd find the coin.  On the coin it says "Monopoly")

Another clue was a piece of green paper with letters all over it.  Very clearly it read, "HOP ON".  Because the score sheet says "Origami" you know that you have to fold the paper into a green animal that hops.  Obviously, a frog.  You fold the frog, and the letters spell out: Hop on to the University Path.    Clearly that takes you...

(Answer: University Place.  On the coin it says, "Life")

Other clues were, crossword puzzle, math equation, NBA Mascot scramble, Board Game quiz, phrases that had to be spelled out using the alphabet on your telephone key pad, etc.

We also threw in a little twist this year, adding "Risk Missions" and Mini Challenges at a couple of our locations.  At those mini challenges, they played Farkle and Jenga.

This game of Jenga lasted forever.  I seriously could not believe how intense this became.  Not even a phone call from the Stake President would interfere with the focus and determination to win.

There are 12 of these types of clues, plus, 4 challenges.  This year, our challenges were:

1. Go Fish: We put live gold fish (or something) in a bucket.  We had two "tracks".  The team captains had to run to the bucket, fish out a fish, dump it in the track, race it to the end, and fish it back out and dump it back in the bucket.  Once they completed the challenge, they got their bag of Round 1 clues.

2. Human Hungry Hippos (The teams had to link arms and the "head" of the team had to get enough balls in their basket to win.)  After they completed this challenge they got their Round 2 bag of clues.

3. Cootie Hunt (They had to put together a puzzle.  On the back of the puzzle it said, "Bring back a cootie piece.  They had to hop the fence at Ravsten Stadium, run up and down the bleachers to find a cootie leg with their team name.  As soon as they found it, we handed them their bag of Round 3 clues).

4. Barrel of Monkeys: This was the bonus challenge.  Teams had to invite family, friends, or random people off the street to join them at the location we texted them (a mural downtown).  For every person that joined their team they got extra points.

We had 7 teams this year.  The costumes never disappoint.




The Farming Game


In the end, only one team can win.  This year, with a brand new trophy to chase, Team Life clawed their way to the top.  Now, they have a trophy to display and decorate and perhaps defend until the 4th annual Amazing Race next year.

(Team Mayonnaise was our first ever winner in the color edition, and last year, Team Wreck it Ralph won in the Disney Movie version.  Unfortunately, they didn't get to decorate their own plaque for the trophy...they'll have to win it to upgrade it!)

And yeah, if you're wondering, we've already started coming up with clues and destinations for next year.  Our theme has been chosen.

You know you wanna play.

Game on.

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