Monday, December 21, 2015

City Hoop

Mulligan and Birdie played on the same basketball team this year.  I did that so that coaching would not hog so much time in the week. 

Mulligan was all about the glory, guts, and leaving it all on the hardwood.  He wanted to keep score, and shoot as many "buzzer-beaters" as possible. 

Mulligan is stoked to be playing again after the Christmas break.  I {think} I love that he's so obsessed with sports.  It's so fun to have that interest in common.

Birdie was in it to socialize.  While the rest of her team is running around, she's got her man stuck in conversation.  I'm sure it was a strategic move, because she usually left the gym without a drop of sweat or exhaustion.  She hardly had to move on defense because she was too busy getting to know the kid she was defending--what grade he was in, what school he went to, what books he liked to read, etc. 

She told me she wants a break for this winter season, but will be ready to pick it back up in the fall. 

I also helped coach the younger neighborhood kids.  They are absolutely adorable, and they are going to be fun to coach again next fall.  Every one of them better plan on playing again!!

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