Friday, September 11, 2015

To Do

I have a double sided “to do” list chuck full of goodies.  It’s fine though, because I have it all divided up and organized into sections.  For some reason, that makes it “do-able”.

Last weekend, after a brief camping stint (Brrr!), Ace and I started hacking away at my list.  Gimme and I (with a little help from Bogey) cleaned the inside of the house, while Ace, Mulligan, Birdie, and Double Bogey started cleaning out the garage.  Ace had the bigger job—that’s why he had the most “help”.   It took the ENTIRE day Monday, but we can fit both cars in there and I don’t even have to suck in my gut or do the step-slide shuffle to fit between the cars to get to the door!  BRING ON THE OREOS!!

I was too ashamed to even take a picture of the “before”, but here are the “afters”:

20150911_093230 garage1 garage2 With Bogey’s upcoming open heart surgery (Freaking out?  Where?  Who?  Me?) I am doing my best to keep my mind off of what I know about heart surgery (and that knowledge is based on what he had done 3 years ago—it’s not going to be close to the same thing, but because that’s all I know, that’s all I can picture in my mind).  To distract myself, I’ve unleashed the crafting beast.  Ha!!  Trust me, it takes every ounce of brain power that I posses to complete craft projects.

But here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

doordecorIt’s football season! 


menu3 I really don’t like spending time in the kitchen (unless it’s walking to refrigerator to pull out a cold Diet Coke), so preparing dinner is always a struggle.  I’m sure I was on Pinterest, when my version of this idea was born.  On the index cards, I have the main dish, and on the back, I wrote down everything I need to prepare this dish, as well as ideas for sides.  Making my grocery list is so much easier.  I just pull out 2 weeks worth of cards, write down what I need, and *poof* grocery shopping done.  I just started this this month, but I’m thinking this little system is going to save some $$ on our grocery bill…so far it has…

In other crafting events, I painted our night stands for our bedroom and added a headboard/door with a little vinyl for fun.  I have some ideas for the little shelf part of the headboard, but for now, this will suffice.


And all the while, the older kids have been at school, and the twins have been doing some “creating” too—with strawberry jam.  All over the kitchen floor.  That I just mopped—and crossed off my list.

jam2 jam4

It’s good.  I’ll just uncross that.

If I keep going at this rate, I’ll probably forget all about Bogey’s little procedure coming up in a couple of weeks.

What was it again?

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