Friday, September 18, 2015

David A. Dreams

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of David Archuleta.  When my friend Candice asked if I would be interested in a front row seat to Mr. Archuleta’s concert in Idaho Falls, I thought I was dreaming.  She honestly didn’t even have to ask.  Our other friend, Erica didn’t want to miss this show either.  It was going to be good. 

I marked the calendar.

I started counting down the days.

Go ahead, call me nerdy, but I don’t know how you can’t love this guy after hearing him sing.  Mesmerizing.

I took close to a billion pictures (lest we forget that last time I went to his concert I had to ask the 12 year old stranger sitting next to me for photos—you know for my desktop background and stuff—That didn’t happen this time).
DavidA1 DavidA2 DavidA3  DavidA5 DavidA6
Oh be still my heart!!

It was seriously such a fun night.  It was also great to see our lifelong friend Luke and his sister (who by the way, has seen David in concert 8 times.  I’ve got some catching up to to if I don’t want to be out-fanned. ;) ). Also, a big thanks to the fans sitting in the section next to us, I now have the perfect idea for my homemade t-shirt for the David A. concert in St. George in November.  I’m going to bedazzle #crush across the front.  Who else wants one? HaHaHa!! 

I also must confess that I swiped his water bottle that he left on stage.  I couldn't leave without a little memento.  I don't drink water, but I did last night!  (lol)

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