Monday, October 5, 2015

Prelude to Surgery

When our trip back to California began, Bogey had no idea what was coming for him.  He was happy, and excited to be on another road trip with just mom and dad, and the movies of his choice.  He didn’t have to share anything!


Because I knew what his near future held, I took a gazillion pictures, not knowing what the aftermath would be like, or how long he’d be down.  I wanted to capture every piece of his personality, and hold onto that grin.  I wanted to make sure I had something to refer to on the yucky days.

swoosh on

We got to the Golden State just in time to get Bogey to his pre-cath appointment.  It was quick, painless, and tear free. 

The next day (September 22, 2015) we got Bogey to his Cardiac Catherization right on time.  We waited and waited and waited for someone to call his name, to start the procedure.  After all, Bogey hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since early that morning and we were already 2 hours past the start time.  I started loosing patience and asked the receptionist what was going on.

Pretty soon, Mr. “Patient Experience” came to visit with us.  He let us know that the procedure room was behind schedule, and that unfortunately, we’d have to keep waiting.  He gave us a gift card to the gift shop.  Bogey picked out a ball and some magnets.  Those things kept him entertained until it was time to go.

He was given a pre-med (he got so loopy…it was hilarious, but I tried not to laugh), and we walked him to the cath lab.  It did not take long before we were able to see him again, but he had to lie flat for another 4 hours.  I had worried that I didn’t run that day.  No worries.  I got my cardio in as I tried to pin him down.  Super fun.  (Did you catch the sarcasm there?) 

aftercath cath

Because there were no beds available, we were able to take him back to the hotel with us after the four hours, and after he got something to eat, and we knew it was safe to take him.  I was so happy to walk out of the hospital with that sweet boy in my arms. 

pre surgery prelude Presurg2 Presurg3

I wanted every possible second with him.

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