Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Heart

I couldn't let this day get too far past without acknowledging Bogey's 3rd anniversary of his first major heart surgery.  I look back at that day in 2012, and am

1) Mortified because it was the beginning of a weird phase for me.  I can't even explain it, but my mind was crazy--ask Ace.  (Actually, don't ask him.  He'll just shudder and shake his head. ;) )  I think I'm over it now, and back to "normal", but I'm not promising I'll never revert back to that mindset! 

2) Grateful to all of Bogey's medical buddies.  So many doctors have gone above and beyond for Bogey and our family.  Words will never be enough to express our gratitude.  I'm also so thankful for our friends and family who continue to reach out and support us.  There is no way we ever could have gone through what we have without our peeps.  ;)

3) Humble. Bogey has come so far, and has been so blessed.  I know he is a special kid to be on the receiving end of such special blessings--it's pretty great that he's part of our family.  We've grown so much in the past 3 years.  I've seen great things come from our older children as they have helped and encouraged Bogey.

Looking back gives me hope to move forward. 

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