Saturday, May 17, 2014

These Bogeys!!



Sometimes I feel like many of the classes (not just algebra) I’ve taken are useless.  However, there is one class I took in college that has come in so handy these past few months.  I kind of wish, I would have put a little more effort into the assignments, rather than just trying to get dates for the weekend. 

The class was Sports Officiating.  Part of the assignments, and the major chunk of the grade, came from my performance as an intramural sports referee.  I remember filling most of my required hours on the court as the men’s basketball ref. 

Being the mother of five has me longing for my whistle.  Especially when it comes to separating two two year olds.  Double Bogey knows he’s got the upper hand on Bogey when it comes to strength  and speed, and he certainly isn’t afraid to tackle, steal, push, etc. just to get a reaction from Bogey.

Bogey on the other hand, is sly.  He’ll act like he’s forgiven and forgotten, and when Double Bogey is least expecting it, Bogey will get his revenge by smacking, pushing biting, etc. his brother. 

Most recently, the new instant melee creator is the word “mine”.  Bogey will come to me and get all snuggly, turn to Double Bogey, look him straight in the eye, and say, “Mine!”  Well, DB won’t stand for that, so he comes and wraps his arms around me, stares right back at Bogey, and says, “Mine.”    Pretty soon, we’re the soundtrack to the seagull scene in “Finding Nemo”.


But, when they aren’t fighting, they’re the best of buds--

Muddy Buddies Muddy buddies, actually.

Whoever came up with the saying, “Many hands make light work”, never had toddlers. 

No. “Many hands make lots of work”…that’s how the saying should go. 

I do get a lot done in the day though.  Like yesterday, I planted flowers in flower pots--Hands

TWICE!—Same flowers, same pots (Thanks to the boys who dumped them out to play with the dirt). I’ve done more loads of laundry, thanks to the one patch of mud surrounded by lush green grass, tricycles, toy cars, ride in Jeep, balls, plastic animals. etc. 

These two are exhausting. :)

Sometimes, we all just need a nice place to just sit and…



Northern Nickle Clan said...

Rachelle, I seriously hope you never stop posting on your blog (like I have). LOL You totally crack me up every time you write!!!! LOL :)

Happy Days said...

Love it. What patience you exude. ;)