Tuesday, May 6, 2014


These past few days have been very exciting.  We’ve had a lot going on, and I have the pictures to prove it.  ;)
First of all, I found sweet shirts for the twins.  #30 has been my favorite number for as long as I can remember.  Probably because that was the number worn on the sports uniforms of all of my siblings (and myself).   It’s the day of my parents wedding anniversary (June 30) and it was the number of grandkids they had,  until we overdid it with the twins. ;)  So clearly, I couldn’t just leave these hanging at the store.


Next, Gimme and Mulligan have been taking piano lessons from my mom.  They really like it…well, they like spending that one-on-one time with Grandma Hart, and apparently the recitals are a hit (especially when Jaxon comes!) it’s just the practicing they don’t like. ;) #cousinsarethebest #lovegoingtograndmaandgrandpashouse

piano recital
My brother Doug, came up for the weekend, and when he comes, it’s a real treat.  I love my family so much!  I love getting together with them.  #cousinsandbaseball #siblings #bond


Of course nothing brings us closer together than watching the Thunder beat out the Grizzlies (Those boys better step it up in round 2!) #thunderfans #playoffs #whathappenedagainsttheclippers


The last few days haven’t been all fun and games though.  We finally mowed our (mostly still brown) lawn.  Those boys have to push along with me for at least 2 feet (or 3 minutes…that’s about how long it takes us to get that far), and Birdie’s following along with the camera…it’s quite an ordeal.


There have only been a few times when I KNOW my salvation is on the brink.  Those times have been when I have had to start the lawn mower (it NEVER just starts right up for me.  I have to pull that cord so many times before it finally revs up.  I’m sure I look like an idiot—even the twins were laughing at me as they watched me yank that cord over and over!).  The other times I may or may not have let a swear word fly, is when I’m restringing the trimmer.  I can’t stand that task!  Again, it never goes smoothly for me.  It’s always a circus, and by the time I throw in the towel, I’m covered in grass and sweat.  #bloodsweattears #sorearm #workout

Finally, the chorister for our Sr. Primary wanted silly pictures of moms for a game she’s playing on Sunday.  Who knew “selfies” could be so difficult?  I couldn’t find my “best side”! ;)  I’m sure Gimme will be real proud when she sees this!  #motheroftheyear


Whew!  That sums up the major happenings in our lives!  So exciting, right?  

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Noelle and Corey said...

So cute! ou are brave. As long as I have a husband, I am hoping to never have to do much tricky mowing or weed trimming or taking out the trash. I am totally chauvanistic on those things. And I really don't mind doing them, but the husb needs some chores and needs to feel needed. LOL!