Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Grinch

If there was an equivalent Grinch to Halloween, as there is to Christmas, I would be that Grinch—but unlike the Grinch who stole Christmas, my heart would always remain “two sizes too small”. 

I’ve tried to pass my bitterness to the day onto my children, but they won’t have it.  They love everything about Halloween (except the scary stuff).

For school, they had to dress up as a story book character.  There was a parade.

Mulligan was Kevin Durant by day, and Superman by night.

kdhalloween 13 005


After reading Brittney the Basketball Fairy, Gimme decided that she wanted to dress up as a Basketball Fairy (She did have wings, but she took them off.  Next year we’ll push for a little more basketball, and a little less fairy…but hey, we’re making progress.  At least basketball was mentioned! ;)

halloween 13 008

Birdie spent the day as a Ballerina.  (We’ve got a long way to go before she’ll dress up as anything sporty… ;)

 halloween 13 007

Bogey and Double Bogey didn’t get costumes. Until they start begging to dress up, I’m going to avoid it.  Ha!  Take that Halloween!  :)  However, by the end of the night, it would have appeared that I dressed them up as orphans.  They were both covered in chocolate and pizza.  Double Bogey was minus a shoe, and Bogey’s pants kept slipping down to his knees.


This year, our pumpkin looked like this:


It is probably the biggest one we’ve ever had.  We had it sitting on the table, and Double Bogey climbed up on a chair and rolled the pumpkin off.  It split in half when it hit the floor.  Mulligan was devastated.  Tears were shed.  Luckily, Ace was able to work his magic and skills, and the ol’ Jack turned out to be a big hit.

halloween 13 001halloween 13 002  

(It just so happened that Double Bogey fell asleep before the carving party.  I suppose he did his part by splitting the pumpkin open so that we could have easier access to the “guts”.  Technically, he didn’t miss out entirely.)

Later during the week, Bogey crawled into the kitchen with this thing on.

halloween 13 004

I certainly hope this isn’t him begging to be Batman next year. 

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