Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Who Else is Sick?

Last week was not one of those weeks where I felt all those gooey tender feelings about being a mother.  I was up to my ears in vomit and laundry.  Each one of the kids took their turn being sick…a couple of days overlapped with two at the same time.

During the night, when I would hear a faint voice call out, “Mom!”  I cringed (not very becoming of a mother, I know).  I knew what I would find, if I followed the weak little voice.

The whole week, I was trying to decipher if I was really sick to my stomach, or if it was just all in my mind.  Either way, I was exhausted.  I was super excited when Double Bogey woke up one morning, around 3, begging for juice.  I gave him some, and then waited intensely, bucket in hand.…

Nothing came. 

Finally, it was over.

Just in time.

For Ace’s birthday, we got him a ticket to the BYU vs. BSU football game, and arranged for his brother (who just moved to St. George) to meet him there. Mulligan got to go too.  I am pretty sure Mulli was more excited for the adventure than anyone else.  He willed himself to be well enough to go.


Apparently, he was back up to par by game time, because he went ahead and slammed a corndog for dinner.  Brave little guy.

He loved being at the game with the big boys. 

He thinks his dad is pretty great.


Uncle Corey ranks pretty high on his “Favorite People” list too.


Gimme, Birdie, Bogey and Double Bogey stayed home and spent a little more time in “recovery mode” (i.e. Netflix).  I remained armed with Lysol Disinfectant, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer (I kept the bucket handy too…)

Now, we’re up to our ears in the glory that comes with missing school.  Worksheets, reading, and missed homework. 

It’s crazy--

--but it sure beats vomit.

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