Sunday, November 10, 2013

Win, Lose, and Draw


Anyone want to take a wild stab in the dark as to who is really excited about using a pencil and writing her name?  Her teacher would be so proud (well, except that some of her z’s are written backwards…).

Each one of her drawers dons the scrawls of a kindergartener.  As well as other random places around the house.  Closet doors.  The laundry room wall.  Her doll house. The seat belt in the van.

When she can’t come up with the letters to spell out what she is trying to declare, she’ll just draw pictures.  That’s right, she’s playing a constant game of Pictionary with anyone who happens to pass by her “canvas”. 

People wonder why our kids reach kindergarten, and they have no idea how to hold a pencil.  THIS is why, people.  This is why we’ve toyed with the idea to ban all writing utensils in our home.  This is why anything that may be used to write or draw is kept hidden away—kind of like how people hide Christmas presents from their children before Christmas. 

If Ace or I have a need to write or sign or color, or anything, we do it in the dark of night.  We tip toe around, double check to make sure no little eyes are watching, and then we quickly do what we have to do, and then tuck those things right back into hiding.

We know that IF by chance one of our “Picasso’s” sniff out our secret place, disaster follows (See photo above).

Of course we can’t find one of those big pink erasers to save our lives.  I know we bought some at the beginning of the school year.  I’m starting to suspect our little one has a secret stash of her own hidden somewhere around here, just to spite us. 

So until I find where those erasers are hidden (which will probably require a lot of digging through, and cleaning out), or remember to pick some up at the store (which would be a pure miracle), the victory belongs Birdie.  We have no choice but to admire her work, everywhere we go.

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Noelle and Corey said...

So true about hiding the crayons. My kids may be creative geniuses, but I can't stand the mess it all makes, so the markers and paints stay hidden.