Friday, October 11, 2013

Come Out, Come Out, Whoever you Are!

I know I'm not one to panic (you all know that is a big fat lie), but this blog is about to go private (I heard that gasp!) after reading this:

...rumors have been circulating rapidly via social media posts since July 2013, a sinister group of Russian criminals are posing as door-to-door book sellers in various US locations with the intention of finding out which houses have children suitable for later abduction and human trafficking. 

It just so happens, I had a little foreign visitor over the summer, trying to sell me books (I just can't trust a book salesman ;)  So, clearly, when I saw this on my Blog Visitors:

09:11:22 -- 30 minutes ago
Moscow, Moscow City arrived on "Wilhelmsen Par 5".
04:33:38 -- 5 hours 8 mins ago
Wenatchee, Washington left via from "Wilhelmsen Par 5: Sundays Are Special!"
23:11:10 -- 10 hours 30 mins ago
Wenatchee, Washington left via from "Wilhelmsen Par 5: Sundays Are Special!"
23:08:17 -- 10 hours 33 mins ago
Wenatchee, Washington arrived on "Wilhelmsen Par 5: Sundays Are Special!".
23:06:59 -- 10 hours 34 mins ago
Idaho Falls, Idaho arrived on "Wilhelmsen Par 5".
22:10:12 -- 11 hours 31 mins ago
Russian Federation arrived on "Wilhelmsen Par 5".

19:24:29 -- 14 hours 17 mins ago

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland arrived on "Wilhelmsen Par 5".
21:16:04 -- 4 days 12 hours ago

I couldn't help but freak out.  Sure, the rumors turned out to be false (so they say...), but who paid who to clear the book sellers?  You know what I'm sayin'?

So,  if you're in Russia (or Amsterdam, Noord-Holland) reading this, please raise your hand--or at least let me know who you are (Please be Lacey, please be Lacey--or someone else I know--and not a villain). 

For my blogger friends, is private the way to go, or not?


Troy Jewkes said...

R, I live in Woodburn 30 percent if the population is Russian, I dont buy it, so dont buy into it, protect your little ones but That sounds like rumor to scare people. This is america.

Wendlelyn said...

I show up as being in random locations on people's blogs all the time...not sure why

Noelle and Corey said...

Nah! I have thought about it too, but think my parents would never figure out how to access it.