Monday, January 23, 2012

Sundays Are Special!

Yesterday, we had to stay home from church because Birdie was sick and Ace had to work.  So, we made use of our time, coloring, cutting, gluing, etc. 

As one of my Personal Progress 10 hour projects, I have been working on a box filled with activities for our family to do on Sunday.  At first, it was just a few Finch File folder Games, but after yesterday, we should be busy every Sunday for months!  (Oh, and I’m sure that now that this box is complete we’ll have super reverent, calm, and spiritual Sunday’s—no fighting, messes, or running around—;) 

I found a bunch of great ideas from this website to add to our box and it comes in pretty handy because I can use most of these activities for Family Home Evenings (which there again, I’m sure our Monday Night FHE’s will be perfect—no fighting, messes, or running wild—;)  

Also, in the box, I have pictures from the Gospel Art Kit, flannel board stories from way back when, and pictures and poems from the Friend

I seriously hope that this will help my children understand the importance of the Sabbath Day and that we will be able to enjoy that special day more fully!


Cher said...

If that box turns up missing one wasn't me.

Unknown said...

Your downloads are not working. It pulls up a blank screen that says "Downloader" in the tab title..?? Is there a way to fix this? I clicked on the "download all" button.

Brett and Vivienne Caudle said...

When I downloaded it, it was just pictures of your project. Is that what it is supposed to be or the actual file folder game?

Par 5 said...

I have just included the links of where I got some of the activities. A lot of the stuff I already had (flannel board cut outs etc.). There are lots of things from the Friend (see that I have included in there too.

Our Family... said...

Hi, our family is building yours. We call ours the Sunday Cycle.

Jordan and Lauren said...

Any idea where to find those old flannel board stories? Are they still available anywhere?