Thursday, January 19, 2012

And it’s Winter.

Bless Ace’s heart.  He’s been out shoveling the driveway the last two mornings before he leaves to go to work.  He knows how it drives me crazy not to have a shoveled driveway.  He knows I’d be out there doing it myself if he wasn’t  (which by the way, under any other circumstances is 100% fine with me…I don’t mind a little shoveling…).
snow 013
Unfortunately, the second he puts his shovel away and comes in to get ready to leave, it starts snowing again….how does that saying go?  Something along the lines of…..

“Cleaning the house while the children are still growing
is like
shoveling the snow while it’s still snowing…”

snow 016
(it is actually snowing…I don’t know why I can’t see that in this picture, but it’s been coming down all morning…)

Rats.  I suppose I’ll have to shut the blinds on the front window so I can’t see the driveway…”out of sight out of mind” right?

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The Story of Life said...

That looks like a LONG driveway to shovel. Maybe you should just stay inside and eat Oreos instead. :)

We still don't have a stitch of snow on the ground here. I know it's coming, and I'm kind of dreading it. I think we have been a little spoiled here this winter with warmer weather.