Monday, July 15, 2013

Wilmont Pro-Am 2013


If you have ever wondered why our blog revolves around golf, it’s because Ace is a fanatic.  He watches tournaments on TV, he plays in tournaments, and he even has apps on his phone that analyze his golf game.  So, it obviously seems appropriate to incorporate a little golf lingo here and there.  ;)

I can’t blame Ace for being overly obsessive with golf.  He comes by it honestly.  His dad and brothers golf.  His mom and sisters golf (not as much as the boys—someone has to take care of all the children!! ;).  His brother-in-law is  becoming a certified PGA  golf pro in Oregon.  So, really, what choice did Ace have? 

Because of their love for golf, Ace and his dad and brothers get together every year for a serious, golf for 3 days (like 54 holes or something?), “guys trip”.  Instead of a trophy or cash, like the real pros, the winner gets a nice “green jacket” all “blinged” out.  It’s a coveted jacket, really. 

This year, I’m proud to announce that Ace gets to hang the jacket in our closet.  That also comes with the important responsibility to add some sort of flare to the jacket, over the course of the year.  So exciting.



Thankfully, Corey took some pictures of the actual event.

So, I guess we’re in the market for some golf flare.  I just don’t know what could be added that would make this jacket look any lovelier—and therein lies the real challenge of the Pro-Am. :)

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Melissa Bitton said...

Maybe you could find some ribbon decorated w/golf clubs or something? Sew it on the collar!