Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I (Heart) Summer!

There are a million reasons as to why I love summertime. 

My sister and her family come to visit from Oklahoma. 

Obviously, that means food, more family, and fireworks! 

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There are so many advantages of being the youngest of 8.  For instance, that’s why I made the basketball team in the 7th grade.  (Having 5 basketball stars/siblings play before me allowed the coaches to see past all that I lacked… ;)   In high school, it helped that many of my teachers also taught my brothers and sisters (and liked them)…

Plus, I know I always have someone to talk to, hang out with, or whatever. 

However, I would have to say that one of the major blessings of having 7 siblings, is that they all have children, which means my sons and daughters will always have friends—42 to be exact.  It doesn’t seem to matter if there is a 15 year age gap or not, my kids can’t wait to play with their cousins from both sides of the family. 

Last night, we got together with my brothers and sisters because my nephew Jourdon leaves Wednesday for his 2-Year LDS Mission on Wednesday.   I can’t believe how much we’re going to miss him.

Jaxon Jourdon Justin 

Jourdon (middle) giving mission prep tips to Jaxon (left) and Justin (right)


And of course, it’s not a send-off without fireworks.

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Really, I LOVE summer!

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