Sunday, June 30, 2013

To Bone and Back

Because what’s not to love about Bone ID?






(The Bone Store.  And that completes our tour of Bone ID.)

…Just another perk for living in Idaho. 

The Bone and Back Relay is a 40 mile run.  My sister-in-law convinced us that it would be really fun to get a family team together and spend the Saturday getting to Bone and then right back to Idaho Falls, each of us jogging a 5 mile stretch of road.

I agreed, but that was because I had the easiest/flattest part of the journey.  Ace was even finagled into running a leg.  Which,can we talk about this for just a minute?   He’s run a total of 2 times in his life.  Probably a total of 5 miles—in his lifetime.  So, he just hops off the trailer to kick out his 5--I’m panicking about cardiac arrest--and 50 minutes later, he hops back up on the trailer like he’s been training every day of his life.

That’s fair. 

Nonetheless, we each took our turn running, and riding on the trailer, our hair whipping in the freezing wind (which would only be welcomed immediately after completing the jog.  Otherwise, it was miserably cold). 

Renae and Marilyn started us off for leg one, followed by Wonder Woman, also known as Christa (her entire stretch was straight uphill.  No, seriously, UPHILL.—she rocked it.), then Ryan took off, followed by Doug, Kathryn, Mike, then Ace and I “brought up the rear”…if you will.

IMAG0627                        IMAG0616  IMAG0618

I love my brothers.  Ryan was trying to run to the tune of some classical music, and Doug was listening to conference talks in Portuguese.  How they finished the five miles, I’ll never understand. ;)

IMAG0622  James doing his thing.  Hat backwards…sigh.


Did I mention how cold it was on the trailer?

   IMG950313 Kath handing off to Mike (You can totally tell they practiced that hand off  for hours at home.  It was flawless. ;) 


It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Now, where to put my decal….I’m thinking somewhere near all of my Mother of the Year awards… :)



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The Story of Life said...

That is awesome that you did it as a family! We (my sisters and I) have talked about doing that too. I did it last year. May have to try it again next year.