Thursday, May 9, 2013

Top Ten Signs TODAY Was NOT Your Day to Run

10. You are dragging all morning, but think that as soon as you put on your Nike's you'll all of the sudden have energy to go run.

9. You got all "tech-y" and figured out how to put together a playlist of songs, and even though you cut out all the slow songs, you're still dragging.

8. The lady pushing the double stroller (with two toddlers) passes you.

7. When you pass the guy using his leaf blower to clean off his driveway, you're half tempted to stop and ask him to aim his blower right at you, to get a reprieve from the lack of air you seem to be breathing (or not breathing?).

6. When you see water in the gutter, you rejoice, knowing you've got a drink if things get worse.

5. When your text notification sound (which just happens to be a Coke being opened and poured into a glass) goes off, you start seeing that gutter water in a whole new start wishing for a glass...and ice...

4. When the playlist plan backfires and the song with the lyrics " air..." comes on, you find yourself turning around to find that leaf blower guy.

3.  When you're actually dreaming up a list of why today was not your day to run, in order to keep your mind off your heavy breathing, & the burning in your legs.

2. When you see the Coca-Cola truck pass, you start chasing it, knowing very well what's inside there, but as the distance between you and the truck grows, you snap back to reality and kick yourself for being so easily distracted.  (Not to mention you just added .23 miles to your run that you're clearly not in any kind of shape to take on...)

1. When you finally finish, and get home, your 4 year old takes one look at you and says, "Whoa.  What happened to you?"

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