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Friday, April 5, 2013

Pictures to Music

To those who receive posts via e-mail:  For whatever reason (I'm sure it has nothing to do with my technological abilities) these videos don't show up or play unless you go to my actual blog.   Also, I can't view them on my phone, but that might just be my own problem.

I don't scrapbook, and these boys don't have baby books (I'm Mother of the Year--that's why) so I'm keeping track of them through slideshows.  So efficient, I know.  Who needs the actual dates of events like: first tooth, eats first solid food, etc.?  Not me. :)

I am posting these videos, so that I have all the pictures of the babies first year in one place.  (I actually had more pictures of Double Bogey, but lost them when our computer crashed last week.  Family--if you have pics of DB will you send them to me?)

Just because there are two of Bogey doesn't mean we love him more, it just means he had a major heart surgery and long hospitalization and we documented that separately.

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Braziers said...

Hey it's Shayna. You are so cute, I just wanted to tell you that my computer crashed the other week and my brother was able to recover everything for me over the phone. It was a miracle! Give him a call if you wanna get those pics back. 2082219377