Thursday, April 4, 2013

Over the weekend…

We had a pretty eventful weekend last weekend, considering it was a holiday (you all know how I feel about holidays, and people/creatures made up to bring things to the kids…). 

We kicked things off by getting rear-ended while driving to see the cousins.  The worst part of the accident was not the huge dent in the back of the van, or the fact that the bumper is totally messed up, or even the fact that we had to sit in traffic for a while before the police officer came (so embarrassing…).  The most tragic thing is that I had just purchased a fat Diet Coke and we got hit so hard, it flipped out of the cup holder and dumped out all over the middle console.  I hadn’t even opened the straw, it was that fresh.  Pain and suffering?  Yes.  I wanted to run across the street while we were waiting and grab another one, but I think someone might have frowned upon me leaving the accident (for a second) and leaving my kids in the car. 

                           bumper bash                        van bash

Nonetheless, we now have the headache of getting the car fixed.  At least the people who fix it will wash it. (right???) 

On Saturday, Nana and Aunt Cherlyn put together a little egg hunt, so that my kids won’t look back on their youth and feel deprived because they never got to go look for eggs.  They absolutely loved every second of the hunt.  We’re now in Jelly Bean heaven (I like it here).


                     spencer easter  bryce easter jayce easter    kenzi easter bryce and jayce easterkaysha easter

easter 2013 

It was a great way to kick off spring break.  We had a great time in Winnemucca (naturally).  My kids love their cousins so much.  It is so sad that so many of them live so far away. 

Now that we’ve had all the fun, and have played for days, it’s time to get to work.  I feel like I’m being fairly reasonable, but Birdie feels like she’s being bossed around by a Drill Sergeant.  Every once in a while after I ask her to complete a task, she flashes me one of these:

drill boss“Aye Aye Cap’n!” 

She thinks she is hilarious.

She’s grounded.


(Mom, I’m kidding.  She’s not grounded.  You don’t need to come and save her today. ;)

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