Thursday, March 14, 2013

It’s all about the Bogey

Bogey has had heart surgery.  As in, chest wide open, heart surgery.  He had a tube drilled (alright, fine, I don’t know if drilled is the correct word to use here) into his stomach.  Part of his diaphragm is tacked down.  He’s already had a nose job, and his cleft lip repaired. 

Each one of these things has required surgery.  Each time, he has recovered, and has become stronger.

So, why is it, do you suppose, that this morning (and most of the night last night) I have done nothing but stew and pace, and create these awful knots inside me, that literally make me sick to my stomach? 

Maybe I’m not drinking enough Diet Coke, or perhaps I need to slam a few more Oreo’s. 

For most of the day, Bogey was in surgery getting his cleft palate repaired.  It was a longer, more intense surgery than the cleft lip repair.  I don’t think it really ranks on the same scale as the heart surgery, but it might as well, based on how I’ve felt all day.

I hate it when my little guy goes from being so happy

2013-03-14 06.37.00

to being so miserable.






He is in a lot of pain when he is awake.  Poor guy.  Good thing we brought “Raffy” along.

Hopefully after a few days here (cross your fingers we get released from the hospital this weekend, so we can peace out till next weekend at our undisclosed location) Little Bogey can get back to his own little self.


So far, so good….


Candice Harris said...

Bless his little heart...he is such a doll! And you, my friend, are a rock star! Hugs and prayers to you all...I've been thinking about you all week! Have fun at your 'undisclosed location'...the weather in Cali this time of year has got to be just beachy, no? Love ya! :)

Joni said...

I think he is holding up he foot to show you how much he also loves NIKE! :D