Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Day

Guess who is cruisin' out of the hospital today?

Yep. Bogey will be en route to our undisclosed location ( ;) ) in a matter of hours. Then he and I get some major bonding time (I’ll probably keep the Facebook and Pinterest sites busy since I’m to chicken to venture out!) until his post op. appointments next week. After that, we’re headed to the home front (someone please tell me the snow has melted…)!

It’s a good thing the best time of year is here…MARCH MADNESS…it will be like the good ‘ol days of college when I skipped classes and just sat in my apartment all day watching basketball games, yelling at the refs (when necessary) and coaching my teams from the couch. (Mom and Dad, that is the real reason for that geology grade that one semester…no need to be upset about it now… :)

Again, Heavenly Father has heard and answered our prayers. We have felt so blessed. With each trip out here, and with every surgery Bogey undergoes, we have felt nothing but love from our friends and family. We love this hospital and every nurse and doctor who cares for Bogey. It really has become our second home, and as long as we have to be in a hospital, this is the place where we want to be.

One more picture for good measure:

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