Monday, March 11, 2013

Before CA, it was OK

Before I left I took my girls for a little "girlie time".  Gimme wanted to get a pedicure, and she convinced Birdie to want that as well.  So,  off we went to the little place to get our toenails painted.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been in for a pedicure.  At first, I thought I really liked them.  But, this last time as I sat there with my feet in some strangers hands, I all of the sudden felt very self-conscious.  The little guy was talking to his co-worker (perhaps his wife?) in their native language (not English, or Spanish...).  I was trying to guess what they must be talking about.  So in my mind, I was having their conversation (that place really could use some different magazines.  Seriously, the Idaho Falls magazine?).  I was trying to ignore the fact that my feet are so ticklish.

Which why do they even do that?  Can't you just go in to a place, and just have them paint your toenails all cute, and then call it day and go home?  If worse comes to worse, then do the soak, but honestly, the whole below the knee rub down is not necessary.   Guess that's why I rarely pay for a pedi.  My girls however, LOVED it.  How did we ever become so different?

A few days later, I took Double Bogey to Oklahoma for my nephews wedding.  I can't really explain how awesome that trip was.  I was on a plane with my 2 brothers (and my brother in law!) and 3 sisters.  Do you even know how funny they are?  When we got to Oklahoma and met our oldest sister, and all 7 siblings were under one roof...oh the laughter.  Between my brothers in law, siblings, parents, and niece and nephews that were there, the entertainment never stopped.


We had a great experience going to the temple with one of my nephews who will be leaving on his mission to Brazil this summer.  It was also very spiritual witnessing the sealing of my other nephew and his was such a great weekend.

I don't know what I would do without my family.  I am so grateful for my sister-in-law who drove up from Winnemucca to help watch my kids, so that I could be a part of such a special weekend!  Honestly, I think I have the best family ever. 

After our plane landed back in Salt Lake City, I met Ace on the interstate, bid my siblings and baby boy adieu, and hopped in the van with my other baby and we headed west.

And here we still are.

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Noelle and Corey said...

I didn't know you were just up north! It's only about 2ish hours away from us! I'm sure your time was crammed with fun family stuff, though. Glad you got to go!