Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Melty and Stuff...

There have been a few things lately that have just melted my heart (and believe me, it hasn't been the weather.  Can we just be done with snow for a while??).

Last Saturday I walked in on this:

Mulligan reading to Bogey.

I also loved seeing this:

My girls organizing the book shelf....Nothing brings more satisfaction than when the books are categorized by genre, size, and reading level.  You better believe I slept much better that night, not worrying about the books being out of order (Yes.  I loose sleep over things like that.).

When I went to the store, I was delighted to stock up on these:

And these are just the classic flavors.  I have since devoured a "few" of the Jolly Rancher brand, as well as a "couple" of the Laffy Taffy type.  There really is no point in trying to choose a favorite.  Jelly beans are just a springtime staple around here.  (Plus I can totally justify eating them by the pound because I missed out on my usual Valentine's conversation hearts, so I have to make up for what I lacked last month.)

The last thing that has turned me to absolute mush lately though, are these:

Have you ever seen anything so irresistible in your life?

Who can pass up the Nike Swoosh?

Um, not me.

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