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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day

I'm not going to lie.  Valentine's Day ranks on my list about like Halloween.  I would LOVE to skip over the festivities and just have a regular day (especially because I haven't been able to find the good Necco Brand conversation hearts--those have been my "go to" for enduring past V-Day's).

Unfortunately, my children don't feel the same about these holidays.  They have been consumed with all things pink, red, white, and heart-shaped.  They were counting down the days to their class parties.

Yesterday, they enthusiastically began the task of filling out the "To" and "From" on Valentine cards for their classmates.  I secretly laughed as I watched Mulligan's enthusiasm dwindle after writing his name about 8 times.  Pretty soon, he had his name shortened to "Mulli", and then, the last 5 or 6 cards just read: From "Mull".  Bless his teacher's heart for not requiring them to fill out the "To" portion.

I watched Gimme closely as she went through and read each card and picked out two for her "best" friends, and then she specifically picked out two more and wrote boy names on those.  She then just went down the class list and filled out the rest at random.  After she finished and left the table, I went through and found the cards for those two specific boys.  I was expecting to read the card that said, "Of course I like you!"  or "Be Mine".

But to my pleasure, both cards read: "Rock On!"

That's my girl.

Tonight we decorated heart shaped cookies, had heart shaped pepperoni's (yes I cut them) on our pizza roll, and had pink floats to drink (Root Beer floats, except with Cherry 7-Up).  All this, because I LOVE my kids (Not the holiday...should there be any confusion... ;) 

Thank goodness it's over, and we can start looking forward to St. Patrick's Day.  That's more my style...but don't expect me to wear green...I'm not THAT into it.  I just like it because nothing is required--no gifts, no secret anyone or anything bringing surprises, and no shamrock shaped pepperoni's.

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