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Sunday, February 3, 2013

For the Love

I think someone told me once that Gimme would outgrow her love of cheerleading.  I was banking on that. 
3 months have passed since her cheer camp, so when word came around that there was another clinic, I figured we were in the clear. 


Gimme couldn’t wait to perform at the Skyline boys basketball game. 
2013-01-30 20.16.46
I don’t know where her stage fright is these situations. 

She is quite the performer!
At her school, she had a little concert.  The third graders sang a few songs, and Little Miss Gimme was doing all the actions, facial expressions, and enunciating every word. 
2013-01-22 13.13.36
2013-01-22 13.28.11
Why she pretends to be shy, I’ll never understand.
The good news is, she has agreed to play basketball for the next few weeks. 
This is pivotal. 
Her teacher runs the classroom like a sports league (their groups are college teams...)  So Gimme is picking up on some basketball lingo.  She is also very aware of who Kevin Durrant is (thanks to the DVD Thunderstruck). 
I’ve got her looking forward to All-Star Weekend (it’ll be a party) and March Madness (she’ll be filling out a bracket).
Basketball is in the air.  She’s got to fall in love.

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Justin and Kristin said...

If she ends up turning on you, I can be her personal coach. :)