Sunday, November 4, 2012

If you give…

If you give a girl a 13 hour car ride,
she’s going to need a Diet Coke to go with it.

As she sips her liquid courage,
she’s going to remember how good Hot Tamales taste as they’re washed down with the carbonated goodness…

After she eats way too many Hot Tamales,
she’s going to need something less sweet to balance out her diet, so she’s going to reach for the Cheeto’s Puffs.

As the car sways—remarkably more distinct  in the back seat--
the girl realizes she is going to have to drive if she is going to prevent a reappearance of said Puffs and Tamales.

While driving, the girl is craving some tunage.
She plugs in her IPod and rocks to the music (as much as she can rock to David A. *sigh* Be still my pounding heart!! ;)

The songs remind her of her running route in Palo Alto--
Right past the hospital.

Thinking of the hospital,
causes her to recall the time spent inside with her baby boy.

Thinking of her sweet baby boy,
also brings to her mind her other four kids she hasn’t seen for a month.

Being reminded that she will again be in charge of 5 little children,
and coordinating many different schedules, makes her panic just a little.

And when she has a panic,
Chances are, she’ll want a Diet Coke to go with it!


Larsen said...

Oh my heck, that was awesome!

Unknown said...

If you give a mouse a cookie!!! :D
love ya, so clever!!

Katie P. said...

Your poem was super cute! So Glad you are on your way home! Your strength through all this is amazing! Bogey sure looks totally different!!! Nurse Shannon was our favorite too. Have fun soaking up all the missed kisses from your kids!

Jillian said...

This is so clever! You are amazing...with all the things you have been through coming home to 5 kids will be a breeze!!!!

Melissa Bitton said...

You amaze me. Publish this! I'm sure Laura Numeroff will help you out! It's THAT good! Diet Coke and Hot Tomales. I once had a go with a bag from Costco...eep!