Thursday, October 25, 2012


Birdie’s little “pre skell gills” (that’s what she calls the girls in her pre-school) went to the pumpkin patch a couple of days ago.  It was fun for them because they also got to bring their siblings along.  Mulligan and Double Bogey got to relish in the festivities as well (thanks for taking them Grandma Hart!). 

Chickens were fed (When I was talking to Birdie on the phone,and she talked about feeding the chickens,  I totally thought she was confusing her trip to the petting zoo with her most recent outing…I didn’t know chickens and pumpkins went together….I’m so out of the loop!!), trains were ridden, and pumpkins were picked.  Birdie LOVES meeting up with her “gills” for school and fun field trips.

pumpkin patchpumpkin patch3pumpkin patch4pumpkin patch5pumpkin patch2

Today, for the record, was Bogey’s cleft lip repair.  I tossed and turned and laid awake most of the night last night dreading the sunrise, knowing that the little guy would be back in the hospital.  At about 7:30 a.m. I handed him over to a stranger, and walked away.  Well, I gave him a kiss first (And when I say “him” I don’t mean the stranger, I mean Bogey) and unfortunately for him,  I found Gimme’s glitter lip gloss in my jacket pocket, and I used it as lip balm.  Poor Bogey was covered in glitter.  (No wonder he came back to the CVICU with girl arm restraints…)

Surprisingly, I was pretty calm.  I didn’t start getting all riled up until after I went down to the cafeteria and discovered that they were out of Diet Coke (Major Panic)!  I alerted the authorities, paced a few laps while the problem was getting resolved, and finally settled back into my spot sipping my liquid courage.  After a few hours (almost 10…it felt like) I started getting really nervous, thinking of the things that must be happening to cause the delay.  At that point the cardiologist (who really could slip into the social work field if the cardiology gig gets boring…) brought reinforcement (Diet Dr. Pepper), and a bit of comfort. 

Finally, after four long hours, the Boge-ster was tucked into the CVICU.  Dr. Axelrod (cardiologist/could be social worker) prepped me for what I would see and wouldn’t see, so there was no melt down—not even with the constant beeping!  Bogey looks the same, but also so different. The poor guy is in a lot of pain, and that breaks my heart, but he is such a champ.  I am so excited to take him home to his brothers and sisters. They can’t wait to see him!

Tonight, after Bogey fell asleep, I went up to 3 West and had dinner with the Bingham family.  After such a long day, it was so nice to have someone to actually talk to.  I have fallen in love with their kids.  Maybe it’s because I miss mine so much, but it was heavenly tonight to see the two boys wrestling, the girls doing homework and chatting together.  That family is so inspiring to me. 

Hopefully, I won’t be getting any phone calls tonight, since Ace isn’t here to be my buffer.  I know I probably won’t but there’s this little tiny part in my brain that is half expecting it, and so therefore, sleep may not come…but, the good news is, I have a new word search that will keep me busy.  It’s all about the harvest, and pumpkins (but not chickens ;).

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Brooke Costa said...

Glad things went well, he looks great! I wish we could be there for you but it will be over before you know it and you will be home soon!