Saturday, October 27, 2012


Today, Bogey ran out of formula so we took a trip to the local Safeway.  I was feeling pretty good about things, because I was able to dodge the lady standing outside the door selling something (I assumed). 

My exit however, was not as successful.  This well dressed oriental lady stopped me and handed me a brochure of an upcoming SHEN YUN show (some sort of cultural experience…clearly, not up my alley….) she started going on and on about how in this day and age our kids are spending too much time with “electrics” (I am assuming she meant electronics) and sitting in front of the TV.

I just nodded.

Then, she asked me if Bogey was my only child.  When I told her no, she asked me how many children I had. 

I said five.

She gasped, and dropped her book and brochures.  She dropped them! 

After she gathered up her papers, she looked at me and said, “How do you stay fit?” 

As much as I was wishing she was talking about my size 4 waist, she indeed was not (we all know I’m not a size 4…), because when she said “fit” she was tapping on her head.

To make sure I understood her correctly, I said, “Mentally?” 

She said, “Yes!  How you keep mentally strong, and make time for yourself?”

Clearly, she hasn’t seen me in hospital mode, so me being “mentally fit” could be debated, but I didn’t need this experience to drag on, so I just smiled and said, “We have a Wii, and a big fat TV.”

….And that was the end of our conversation.

I kept the brochure though.  In case anyone else is interested.


Joni said...

I have been contemplating the worlds reaction to anything over two children of late. For me I have found that my most profound personal growth can be attributed to to being a mother. (The good and bad times). I had a patient say to be after finding out we are expecting our third...."Well, dont you think that is enough yet?" When I told her my plans for at least four, I swear she was going to hit the floor. I am thankful for the experience of motherhood. (p.s. I love our Wii)

Noelle and Corey said...

Too fabulous a comeback. I couldn't have thought that fast! How's that for mentally "fit," lady?!

Rebekah said...

That story really made me laugh. Such a great comeback.

Melissa Bitton said...

I LOVE it! Nice.