Friday, November 25, 2011

And That's How I Roll.

This year, with all of this time on my hands, I went all out on the Christmas decorations.  When I say "all out" I really just mean, I went beyond just putting up the Christmas tree.  I dug through all of my bins and found ALL of the Christmas decor I own and spread it throughout my house (well, on fire place mantle and the rack in the living room.  


The kids were so excited about putting the decorations on the tree.  I tried to explain to them that they had to spread the ornaments all over the tree and not clump them together because we didn't want any "blank" spots on the tree.  I'm not sure they understood 100%.

Gimme's Cluster
Mulligan's Cluster

Blank spot
Don't worry.  After they go to bed, I'll probably take all the things off and start again.  We've not only got clusters, but we've got two or more of the exact ornaments right next to each other. I can't handle that.  If this tree is going to be up for a month (and not a minute longer...) it's gotta be good.

Remember, I'm home ALL DAY.  I have to look at this thing all of the time.  I'll be NUTS by December if I don't fix these little things! :)