Friday, November 25, 2011

Run for your HART: A 5K

So, for the past 3 Thanksgivings, my brothers and sisters (and some of their children) have run a 5k.  In Idaho Falls, we have set up our own little route, and my sister-in-law makes it "official"  by ordering t-shirts. Everyone there meets up and gets a little jog in before diving into the cheese ball.

For the past 2 Thanksgivings, I've been up here, away from my jogging buddies (tear :'( ), BUT, I have gone out and trudged through my 3 point whatever miles.  It certainly isn't as great as being right in the action in Idaho Falls, but I've noticed that every step of the way, I have thought about how thankful I am for each of my family members.  I think about each person as I run (including nieces and nephews) and I think about why I am thankful for them.  It makes those miles fly right by!  

I really do feel blessed to be a part of such a great family.  Each person has blessed my life in many ways.

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Noelle and Corey said...

What a great tradition! Somehow I don't see it happening on the Wilhelmsen side. Maybe. :) But maybe we should start the yearly cruise tradition, don't you think?!