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Monday, November 28, 2011

...and this is how Mulligan Rolls

So, I've been a little obsessed with the Christmas tree.  I've been trying to spread the decorations around, spacing them just right etc.  It's become quite the project.

Mulligan is feeling the same pressure as I am to have the perfect tree.

His solution:

This morning he was looking for his "Yellow Guy".  I helped him search his room to no avail.  We looked everywhere else, and came up with nothing.   Finally, Mulligan ran to the tree and reached in and grabbed his guy, as if it just belonged there.

Of course I was a little panicked, knowing that the tree had been tampered with, and upon closer observance, I found several "guys" peacing out on the branches.

Hey, at least Mulligan is finally understanding the need to fill in the blank spots on the tree, and the spacing was pert near perfect!

I love that he's getting it.  :)


Cher said...

Well send him on over here, we are going to need some help putting up our tree.

Justin and Kristin said...