Friday, November 13, 2009


Last night, Ace and I went to Gimme's Parent/Teacher Conference. It was great to listen to Gimme's teacher tell us about Gimme. She mentioned a few things that surprised us, but probably shouldn't have.

For instance, her teacher told us that Gimme is really smart and ready to read. She's been ready for a while because she has known all of her letters and sounds for a long time. When we told her that Mulligan also knows his letters and sounds, the teacher looked at me and asked me how they were learning that. I wish I would have had my "Mother of the Year" badge on when I told her it was putting my kids in front of a movie every day for about 6 months while I cleaned the house, took a shower, or was pregnant with Birdie and was too huge to do anything. Gimme's teacher (certainly impressed, I'm sure) just gave us a quick nod and moved on.

She told us she thought Gimme could be "gifted". Well of course she is---Hello! Do you know her parents? :)

She mentioned that one of the signs of being gifted is thinking on higher levels than her peers. Her teacher told us that one of those signs of higher level thinking was being sarcastic. She informed us that Gimme is very sarcastic.

If that is what we're basing "gifted" on, Ace and I are both Geniuses! As if Gimme had a chance to miss out on that trait!!

Overall, we are very proud of Gimme and her progress in school. We think her teacher is great (who wouldn't like a teacher that tells you your kid is 'gifted'?). I take back all of my complaining about too much homework!

p.s. I hope everyone catches on to the sarcasm in this post...we aren't bragging about our outrageously smart, talented, bright, (she gets it from her mom) daughter. It only sounds like we are. Rats. Sarcasm again. I can't stop.


Larsen said...

that was awesome.... you are so funny!!

Samantha said...

OF COURSE SHE'S GIFTED!! You are absolutely right! Check our her mother!!

Beckypants said...

Brilliant!! :)

Beckypants said...

By the way, what movie is it? I want to have a genius kid. (Letter Factory?)