Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I just thought I better get this posted before I forget how sweet my little Gimme is. (Sometimes I forget that she is sweet when she walks away from me--while I'm talking to her--and says "Blah, Blah, Blah".)

We put our Christmas tree up today and Gimme asked if it was going to be the tree that Santa puts all the presents under. I told her that it would be. Then she said, "I'm going to get a lot of presents!" (Every prayer that she says she asks that Santa will bring her lots of presents.) Then she turned to me and asked me if I was going to get any presents. I told her that I probably wouldn't because I'm mean sometimes (Which when we were in the car a few hours earlier, Gimme went ahead and pointed that out when I told her we couldn't go to McDonald's).

Then she said, "You're not a mean mommy, you can have one of my presents!"

I thought that was so nice of her. I loved that she was so serious and sincere. She really has the most tender heart, and can be so sweet and kind (when SHE wants to be!) We love her so much!


Noelle and Corey said...

Oooooh...she is such a sweet little sassafrass!!

Lindsey said...

So cute!!! I love it! I need to be better about recording the funny little things Grace says. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving.

Clint, Mel & Kids said...

I bet you're hoping she'll give you that Christmas Barbie!!

Larsen said...

let me know. i need your email.