Monday, January 26, 2009


Mulligan has really been into "Howdy Town" it's a DVD I bought at Seagull Book a long time ago. I didn't really think my kids liked it that much until just recently. Mulligan asks to watch it about 15 times a day. Of course I let him.

I think if the golf thing doesn't fly, he's always got a future in singing and dancing.

This is the same clip, but he's more animated, but like a technical genius, I recorded him horizontally. So if you don't mind a little crink in your neck, you might enjoy this one.


Beckypants said...

Too funny!! He is a cutie. We are excited to keep in touch with your lives. Like - neither Tyson or I knew about your scary pregnancy with Spencer. Crazy! (And his lip looks so great, I don't know if we would have ever noticed!) Tys talks about James & Corey often enough I wish I knew ya'll better!! Yeah! Now I will!

Gallant Family said...

That is hilarious. He was really wailing that high part! He keeps a pretty good beat, too. Oh, and I have had Jonas fall asleep in his high chair too. I guess we'll be running against each other for that 'mother of the year' award. Good luck to you on that one!

Steve and Katie said...

I am sure I have commented on your blog before! Maybe not! Your family is very cute! It's fun to keep up on everyone.

Kate (Thuernagle) Forrey

Clint, Mel & Kids said...

Sweet moves Spencer!

Lacey said...

HAHA! So, does he sing(screech) like that all 15 times he watches it? Awesome video!

littlefamilyJLD said...

What a cute kid. Seriously.
He definitely has talent!