Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Par 5?

Let me explain the name of our blog. You see, my husband loves golf. Not just a little bit either. He loves it. It makes him happy when we talk golf. So, I figured he'd get a real kick out of this title.

Our family really is like a par 5 though. For those of you not familiar with golf lingo, a par 5 is where the tee box is far away from the hole where the flag sticks out. It is pretty hard. (Please, what do I know about golf or explaining this stuff? If I'm wrong, don't let me know, just ignore the error. I get to the course about once a year. Give me a break.) So, to compare, our family of 5 is difficult. You know what I mean, loading up to go anywhere with five people (3 kids!!) is nuts. With five, it's hard to fit all of us comfortably in a five passenger car, eventually we'll have to bump up to a (gasp!) mini van (sigh).

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